Last week, I blogged about Coming Out Like A Porn Star. For those of you who read my essay, you know it’s about coming out to my parents, among other things. For those of you who haven’t, well, that’s what it’s about.

This week, Tumblr questions about my folks:

It is unequivocally none of my business, but would you be willing to offer any insight regarding your family’s views on your career? I ask because I would imagine your university education sets you apart from the majority of your colleagues.

I am unsure what my university education has to do with my family’s views on my career, but it doesn’t set me apart as much as you think. Anyway, for the long-form version of this answer, read this. For the short form:

Yes, my parents know what I do, and we have talked about it at length. Of course, they would prefer that I was doing something else, but their primary concerns are my safety and happiness. And they know that I am safe and happy. They are amazing. My little brother, who just turned 18, probably knows, but we have not discussed it. My extended family on my Mom’s side all knows and is great about it. My extended family on my Dad’s side knows, and is less great, but tolerates it.

Awkward question. Assuming your dad or other family members occasionally watch porn how do they avoid accidentally coming across you either naked or otherwise “engaged”?

I have absolutely no idea if my Dad, or anyone else in my family, watches porn. Knowing my Dad, if he did watch porn, he doesn’t anymore, as his way to avoid seeing me. Or he only visits sites that I’m definitely not on. I don’t know. And I’m not gonna ask.



Coming Out Like A Porn Star is out!

Earlier this year, Jiz Lee (who I think is one of the awesome-est people in the world) asked me if I would like to submit an essay for their new book, Coming Out Like A Porn Star: Essays on Pornography, Protection, and Privacy. Once I got over being starstruck, I agreed.

I’ve very proud of my essay, and you should read it. Really, the whole book is amazing. If are you a fan of pornography, and enjoy more than just cocks in assholes (i.e. you are reading my blog, so…), you’ll love it.

You can purchase it here or here.

I’d also love to hear your thoughts on it. Please feel free to write to me.

casey calvert book coming out like a porn star selfie writing


Yay GameLink!

I’m sure you’ve heard by now — I am GameLink’s new official BDSM and fetish expert! GameLink is one of the largest e-tailers in the biz, and I am honored to work with them. So, what does this mean?

I’ll be blogging once a month on GameLink’s blog The Naked Truth. They have created Casey’s Corner just for me. My first blog is already up. I’ll also be doing promotional activities for them, as they will be for me.

The best way you can support me in this new endeavor is by purchasing your DVDs and VODs (not just of me, but for everything) from GameLink. I have an affiliate account with them, and I will get a percentage of the sale. Click the banner on the right side of your screen to access GameLink with my affiliate code (or click right here), and make sure the URL includes ref=gla4547 when you checkout.

Read the press release about this here.






Panties, Stockings, and Shoes, Oh My!

Guess what time it is? Time for more naughty items for sale! I have a whole smorgasbord of sexiness for you to choose from this time. There’s something for everyone!

1. Pink bra and panty set – $100 for both, $50 for just the panties – SOLD

Worn in a few scenes, I’ve had this lovely lace bra and panty set for a while. It’s a keepsake, cause I wore it on the cover of AVN. But I’m willing to part with it for you, as long as you promise to give it a good home 😉

casey calvert avn mia malkova jodi taylor

casey calvert lingerie pink lace bra panty thong bedroom

casey calvert pink orange thong butt ass butthole


2. Grey cheetah print thong – $50 – SOLD

This skimpy, girly thong comes straight from my panty drawer. I’ve had it for years, and now a piece of my personal life can be yours!

casey calvert grey thong panties pink

casey calvert grey thong panties butthole ass spread


3. White stockings from my most recent Hardcore Gangbang shoot – $50

I love white stockings. They are just so innocent looking. The only thing that makes them better is getting railed by 5 cocks while wearing them! I kept these on throughout the entire scene, and they come unwashed, of course.

casey calvert hardcore gangbang ass schoolgirl white stockings finger mouth

casey calvert white stockings naked double penetration dp cock anal


4. Bodysuit and harness from Squirt in my Gape 4 – $100 – SOLD

This is a true find for anyone into anal and squirting. This outfit comes unwashed, and I wore it for the whole scene. No lie, it’s covered in squirt.

squirt in my gape casey calvert danica dillon fishnet

squirt in my gape casey calvert anal purple dildo fishnet bodystocking

5. The dirtiest, stinkiest shoes ever! – $100

I’ve worn these shoes in  a bunch of scenes, and they are GROSS. I’m sad to part with them, but they stink up my whole suitcase if I bring them to set. The last scene I wore them in was one for, so not only are they smelly, they are dirty and torn too. ICK!

casey calvert dirty shoes wedges pink

casey calvert dirty shoes wedges pink

Interested? Email me at and let me know which item you want! Once I receive your email, I will give you payment instructions. You will have 48 hours to submit your payment, or I will contact the next person who asked about the same pair. The prices listed above are for US priority mail or international first class mail. International priority shipping is available, but costs extra.

Items 1 and 2  will be worn for 24 hours just for you, then sealed in an airtight ziplock bag to guarantee freshness and optimal deliciousness. They also come with 2 photos of me wearing them just for you!  For a small additional fee, I can masturbate in them, exercise in them, stuff them in my pussy, or lots of other things. Just ask!

Items 3 and 4 have have been waiting in airtight bags since I took them off right after I shot the scene.

The shoes will be sealed up in an airtight bag for shipping, so you get a blast of stinkines right when you open the package. But don’t worry about the smell fading – if it faded, I’d be keeping them.


I can’t wait to hear from you!!!!


It’s not you, baby

Hi Casey, I’m curious to know if your fans would ever get the chance to meet you. Would you ever run a contest where the prize was to meet you in person?

That would be a pretty shitty contest. Meeting me isn’t a prize.

But it’s not you, baby, it’s me. Well, it’s also kinda you. But explaining it is just gonna make both of us feel bad, so…

Gustave Flaubert in Madame Bovary said it best: “Never touch your idol; the gilding will stick to your fingers.”

Anons away!

 The following is a collection of anonymous questions, answered:

Why are you a sapiosexual person?

Because intelligence is awesome.

Hi Casey! What got you into anal play? Huge fan btw.

Honestly, my first bf didn’t wanna take my virginity, so he stuck it in my ass. I’ve been into it ever since.

Do you ever have romantic anal sex? If so, do you do it often?

Umm isn’t all anal sex romantic?

Why do you not do cream pies?

For the last time ever, because I have to save *something* for my boyfriend.

How does it feel to devoid yourself from your true essence by surrendering to parasites of evil?

My true essence is evil!!! Mwahahahahaha!


The following is a picture of a penis in my butthole, large.

Casey Calvert anal POV


Today’s Question, About Questions

Casey, what is your most and least favorite things about answering questions from your fans?

I’ll start with least. My least favorite thing is having to go through all of the bad questions to find the good ones.

For example, right now, in my inbox, there are…

3 questions on when I am going to do a creampie.

4 questions asking about if I sell custom pics/videos

6 questions with easily googleable answers.

And over 15 jerk-off fodder “questions” (ex. What are your thoughts about strap-on sex with guys? Are you into that type of stuff? from someone who has a pic of a girl fucking a guy with a strap-on as his avatar).

I really should just delete them all.

My favorite thing is when I get asked a really good question – one that makes me think, one that inspires me to write something really great. Those questions make mulling through the bad ones worth it.

On acting in porn

Casey, I have always wondered how much is acting vs. real emotion in porn and/or bondage scenes.

Everyone talks about how porn isn’t real, it’s so fake, I mean, look at that girl, she’s definitely not actually coming. And here’s the thing. Some of it is fake. It’s unavoidable.

Once upon a time, long before porn, I made an at-home sex tape with my then-boyfriend. We fucked just like we would have if the camera wasn’t sitting on a tripod across the room. And the sex was excellent, both of us super aroused knowing we were filming it.

When we sat down later to watch it, we were disappointed. Our sex tape, well, it was boring. You couldn’t really see anything, you couldn’t really hear anything. We thought we had captured something really hot, but instead, it was just two naked bodies smashing together and some moaning.

The very core of shooting porn, at least for me, is the performance. (It’s one of the reasons why escorting isn’t my thing, but that’s another blog for another day.) It’s opening up. It’s dirty talk. It’s acting. And it’s all for the camera.

I try to take what I am really feeling, whether it’s arousal, or trepidation, or excitement, and I perform those feelings. I make them larger than they really are, in the realest way I possibly can.

And I do this so you can see it.

It’s the eyes darting around the room and the soft moans at the intro of a bdsm scene.

It’s the fumbling with clothes and the giggling during a romance scene.

It’s the connection with the camera and the crazy orgasms during a gonzo scene.

I don’t consider it fake. I certainly don’t fake anything, especially my orgasms. I might play up the good things, and downplay the bad, but nothing is fake. It’s just performance.

And it’s hella fun.




A rebuttal to “filthy”

As a rebuttal to “filthy,” When did you stop caring about what other people thought of your sexuality, and started to love yourself unashamedly?

I will cop to the fact that my answer to “filthy” was a bit snarky. Ok, a lot snarky.

Snarky is fun.

But this question, this one is actually really important. The way I love myself now is something that I’ve very proud of, because it was such a struggle for me to get here. The short answer to your question is somewhere around 21.5 years old.

The long answer, well, the long answer you can find in my essay in Coming Out Like a Porn Star: Essays on Pornography, Protection, and Privacy which you can preorder here. I think it’s one of the best pieces I’ve ever written and I cannot fucking wait for the book to come out.

More lingerie for sale!

Today’s Tumblr question: Hi Casey, I was really disappointed to read that the lingerie and outfits you were selling had all gone. Please can you put some more up for sale? Also, do you sell any other clothes? Thanks!

You asked, and you shall receive!

1. Lace bra and panty set – $100 – SOLD

This outfit has been worn in many of my scenes, including A Hot Wife Blindfolded from New Sensations. Both the sexy bustier bra and even sexier bikini panties are a silky nude fabric with black lace overlay and sensual ribbon detailing.

Casey Calvert bra panty lace for sale

Casey Calvert bra panty for sale ass butt


2. Brown mesh panties – $50 – SOLD

Worn in some of my early fetish scenes, I’ve had these Aerie brown polka dot panties for a long time, but I’m willing to part with them just for you. They feature a semi-sheer mesh fabric with a full cut bottom.

Casey Calvert panties for sale


Casey Calvert panties ass butt for sale

3. White lace thong – $50 – SOLD

With white lace and naughty hot pink corset lacing, these panties are begging to be stuffed! Ask for that upgrade when you email me 🙂

Casey Calvert white lace panties for sale ass butt

Casey Calvert white lace panties for sale ass butt

4. Purple satin cheetah print – $50 – SOLD

I know you will just love the super silky satin fabric of these bikini cut purple cheetah print panties. I know I do!

Casey Calvert boobs purple cheetah panties for sale

Casey Calvert purple cheetah panties for sale ass butt

5. Striped cotton thong -$50 – SOLD

Another from my personal collection, it’s clear that these Victoria’s Secret panties have been well-loved for many years. If you want something intimate, straight from my panty drawer, these are the pair for you.

Casey Calvert thong striped for sale

Casey Calvert panties for sale thong ass butt


Each one of these items will be worn for 24 hours just for you, then sealed in an airtight ziplock bag to guarantee freshness and optimal deliciousness. For a small additional fee, I can masturbate in them, exercise in them, stuff them in my pussy, or lots of other things. Email me at about these items or anything else you might want!

Once I receive your email, I will give you payment instructions. You will have 48 hours to submit your payment, or I will contact the next person who asked about the same pair. The prices listed above are for US priority mail or international first class mail. International priority shipping is available, but costs extra.

I sell pretty much anything you can think of. (Yes, pretty much anything.) Obviously, these items are just lingerie, but if you want something else, all you have to do is ask!

And read about why I like to sell my panties here!