Anons away!

 The following is a collection of anonymous questions, answered:

Why are you a sapiosexual person?

Because intelligence is awesome.

Hi Casey! What got you into anal play? Huge fan btw.

Honestly, my first bf didn’t wanna take my virginity, so he stuck it in my ass. I’ve been into it ever since.

Do you ever have romantic anal sex? If so, do you do it often?

Umm isn’t all anal sex romantic?

Why do you not do cream pies?

For the last time ever, because I have to save *something* for my boyfriend.

How does it feel to devoid yourself from your true essence by surrendering to parasites of evil?

My true essence is evil!!! Mwahahahahaha!


The following is a picture of a penis in my butthole, large.

Casey Calvert anal POV


One Response to Anons away!

  • Hey Casey, how are you? I love to see your movies specialy the anal scènes but also the one where you squirting. Damn I love that. When I see you you have something innocent yet something naughty and of course you’re a natural beauty. I’ve read your bio and I must say that we do have something in common. I’m also shy and reserved. When I dance at training and battles I’m a beast. And of course I discovered about a few year that I love kinky stuff. Everyone person has two sides. And of course i everytime i got off to you:)

    I also love to see that you’re an intelligent girl and after college you did something else what you realy like. When I graduate from college I want to do something else than what I’m studying. May I ask what you studied?

    You don’t have to change your body because it’s already perfect and I love your tits the way they are.Keep up with your work I love it.

    Xxx Thomas from the netherlands

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