Today’s Question, About Questions

Casey, what is your most and least favorite things about answering questions from your fans?

I’ll start with least. My least favorite thing is having to go through all of the bad questions to find the good ones.

For example, right now, in my inbox, there are…

3 questions on when I am going to do a creampie.

4 questions asking about if I sell custom pics/videos

6 questions with easily googleable answers.

And over 15 jerk-off fodder “questions” (ex. What are your thoughts about strap-on sex with guys? Are you into that type of stuff? from someone who has a pic of a girl fucking a guy with a strap-on as his avatar).

I really should just delete them all.

My favorite thing is when I get asked a really good question – one that makes me think, one that inspires me to write something really great. Those questions make mulling through the bad ones worth it.

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  • I have a question. Did you ever find some indoor trees for your place?

  • Hello,

    Thanks for the open forum to post questions; appreciate your cautions on questions, which absolutely makes sense…

    I found out about your work through, and it’s challenges noted at the Free Speech Coalition and recently about their forthcoming film, DECEPTION. The reported political correctness attititudes over a video drama — or any of Kink’s works — and the desire among many to engage in censorship is quite distrubing. My question (in a moment) is your thoughts on basic differences between men and women…

    It seems to me the core of more “thematically daring” organizations (can’t kink of a better term), like, is to present male and female sexuality and propensity toward social hierarchy as it actually is, essentially very close to the “State of Nature” Theory as opposed to the contemporary “PC” world view…. That is, the controversy is basically over an idealized verses realistic depiction as humans actually are with their wide-ranging spectrum from “altruistic/kind” to “violent/sadistic,” depending on the interplay of temperament, mood, and circumstances. My question is this, do you think men and women approach life in fundamentally different ways (family, sexuality, values) based on their biology, or do you believe each of us has a socially-constructed “blank slate” which culture “fills-in?”

    My interest is both academic and practical as I am studying biology, experimental psychology and creative writing as part of my long-term interest in non-fiction and speculative fiction e-publishing as well as fundamental research. At a minimum I am seeking to create realistic characters, particularly in terms of their passions and especially on their journey to discover themselves — their positive and negative sides — which I believe they often are blind to until their lack of awareness gets them into trouble, either explicitly in the physical world or, perhaps worse, in the often suppressed world of their subconscious, making understanding and happiness in adult life “problematic” at best and often impossible at the extremes of conflict and tragedy.

    Much appreciated to get your thoughts when your undoubtedly busy schedule permits.


    Eric Webb
    Portland, OR

    — P.S., You might find the following interesting from a student of primatologist, Jane Goodall: THE DARK SIDE OF MAN: TRACING THE ORIGINS OF MALE VIOLENCE by Michael Ghiglieri (2000). This heavily research-based book is based on a biological/physical anthropology approach considering the basic difference between male and female reproductive goals — in evolutionary terms — which (according to this perspective) motivate males and females to approach life in fundamentally different ways.

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