I Guess I’m Filthy

A Tumblr question, posed by an anonymous grey sunglass-wearing face: When did you stop studying and planning a useful career and start being a slut, being a sexual object and earning money the easy and filthy way?

Well, I started being a slut long before I started planning my career. I started being a sexual object about three quarters of the way through my studies. And I started earning money after I graduated, just like most people do. I will admit it’s easier. Less barrier to entry.

But really, is porn money filthier than mainstream film money?

I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, just, you know.

7 Responses to I Guess I’m Filthy

  • When it comes to work being anything and not being able to be good at it is a waste of time. Figuring out that can sometimes be a lifetime. You have been successful at your profession and you are doing well. Who knows what tomorrow brings but for today you have made it yours and you own it. Have dignity in that Casey. You have something very special inside or people like myself wouldn’t bother reading or even voicing an opinion on you. You rock beautiful woman!

  • You are not filthy unless you get yourself extremely dirty doing bukkake or scat play, I reckon. I think of you as being sexually liberated. Too many people are simply afraid of sexuality. They confuse it with love, when sex and love are really two very different things. You are beautiful and your body is yours to enjoy while you still can. I would marry a sex worker, hire one if the position fit and hold no prejudice against them. Everyone needs to be judged solely on their merits. I thoroughly enjoy what you do for a living and am happy to pay my money being entertained by your sexual adventures. Remember, life is a celebration, britches. Enjoy yourselves!

  • When did the jackass who was calling you names become the “moral compass” for all of us to live by? If he isn’t going to live your life & pay your way then he should keep his big mouth shut. You’re a person who likes what they do for a living & you get paid to do what you like. I’ve heard it said that if you like what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. Have great day.

  • Everyone has to make a loving some way,

  • You make money however you can in this day and age. It’s not an easy business you’re in. If you enjoy it, it makes you a person in touch with her sexuality, nothing more, nothing less. Maybe you’ll have a Nina Hartley career, maybe not. Enjoy it while it lasts, CC.

  • All money is green. That’s not the point. You do what you love and enjoy life. How many people can say that? Soldier on, babe!

  • casey, ive seen a lot of poRn I’m very picky and am not easily satisfied but every shoot I see of you I always watch from beginning to end you are the hottest and most versatile girl in porn, I’m a fan forever!

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