This Random Person Asked Me a Question on Tumblr and Now I’m Answering It


When I set up my Tumblr (which you can find here), I added one of those “ask me anything” buttons, out of sheer curiosity. Mostly I’ve gotten stupidity, but it’s the internet, so what can you really expect? But I’ve also gotten a few interesting questions. So, from now on, everything month, I’m going to answer one of the good ones. So, send them in via the button on Tumblr. Here is the first:

“I have a friend that has been a stripper for three years. She is burned out to a point where she just can’t handle another hard cock around her and has had more hands on her than she should in three slutty lifetimes. She finds that her sex drive is zero, level of interest is below zero and worries that long term trauma has been done while making a little money. Do you feel that any of these issues are pending for you? Have you heard similar and does it concern you?”

There is a difference between being a stripper and being a porn star. As a stripper, you have to play the game to get paid. You have to flirt, and be seductive, and interact directly with those lusting after you. If you don’t, you don’t get paid. As a porn star, yes you have to play the game with the fans, but it doesn’t impact your paycheck. A girl who ignores her fans on twitter may not receive many gifts from her wishlist in the mail, but companies are still going to hire her for shoots. She will still get paid.

And playing the game is exhausting. Some girls are excellent at it; I am not one of them. It’s the kind of thing that just wears me down. It’s why I can’t fathom myself as a stripper or a hooker.

Also, when it comes right down to it, I don’t really have very many hard cocks around me. When I go to work, it is an average of one, maybe two cocks, vying for my attention. And, for the most part, they are very professional cocks, who only want my attention when the camera is rolling. It’s not like a strip club, where every man in there has a boner, and the girl has to pay attention to all of them, all the time.

I do have to admit that this was a concern of mine before getting in to porn – that I would start to hate sex. But it no longer concerns me.

I have a bit of a skewed point of view on intimacy, I think. The act of putting a penis in a vagina (or a mouth or a butthole) by itself doesn’t mean anything emotionally to me. There are so many things that two people can do that are way more intimate than just having sex.

And a lot of the things that I find more intimate are the things that I don’t have do at work, the things that strippers and hookers have to do to keep their clients.

That’s why I’m not afraid of porn causing me to start hating sex. Because, sure, after a long week of working, I don’t want to have a dick inside me. But there are other things I still want to do, other things I still crave. It’s those other things that are important to me.

Those other things are my sex drive. Porn can’t take them away.



5 Responses to This Random Person Asked Me a Question on Tumblr and Now I’m Answering It

  • I think you do a great job interacting with your fans on Social Media. I enjoy your postings on ADT, and you have been kind enough to respond to both of my questions there. I always find it cool when one of my Star “loves” takes the time to respond. Looking forward to more great posts. The insight makes your scenes even more enjoyable and way hotter. Have a great day.

  • You are so extremely open about what you do in everyday life that i kind of know which things you like in private and there is no difference to any other person who at the end of the working week wants to do something else than work related things. I like my job and so do you but it is nice to leave it behind you for a few days.

  • I love you just like a bottle of vine.Not to taste but only to see.Bcoz if someone will taste you he will spoil his life.

  • Have you ever worked with Trinity St. Claire before?

    I live in SF and I hope I get to see you at Kink I just think you’re a gorgeous exhibitionist, I love watching you squirting in fucking machine!!!

  • I am sorry, i admit I tend to get immature when I am tired, and boy, am I tired…
    As I was reading this post, it was, in a way eye opening,

    …But I am sorry, but this particular phrase… “… And, for the most part, they are very professional cocks,” made me picture a rather handsome, for some reason bearded man, completely naked, doing his taxes, but instead of a pen, using his penis.
    I then proceeded to giggle like a schoolgirl for about 10 minutes…

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