Sex with Dead/ Very Old People

It’s that time again, another TRPAMAQOTANIAI.

You are required (by law..?) to have (as freaky as possible) sex with one of the following- William Shakespeare, Sigmund Freud, or Betty White? Who and why?

This is tricky, because I want to pick all three.

Betty White, just because she’s Betty White. She has lived a life. Plus, then I could say I’ve fucked someone who’s 92.

William Shakespeare, for the dirty talk, and because there are a very, very select few of you out there who truly understand how much wordsmithery turns me on.

But when it comes right down to it, I’m a kinky motherfucker, and I cannot even imagine the kind of dirtiness Sigmund Freud would come up with.

I’d even tolerate the post-coital psychoanalysis for it.


2 Responses to Sex with Dead/ Very Old People

  • After reading this blog about a dozen times I think I finally know what you are on about, so i’ve picked a couple of other candidates for you:
    first Lady Gaga and I won’t explain why
    second Judith Holofernes singer and songwriter in the German band “Wir Sind Helden” (We Are Heroes) because you like wordsmithery and she is fabulous in that but in this case you need to understand the German language she often brings tears in my eyes her lyrics are painfully recognizable or she makes me laugh for the same reasons.
    and the third would be amusing to your boyfriend it would be George Lucas so you can ask him why he keeps fucking with his old movies to improve? them when they where perfect in the original state.

  • I’ve seen some of your stuff and it’s amazing, especially in combination with your educational accomplishments. Call me stereotypical, but I can’t say that I’m not surprised given the premise. Regardless, before I seriously start to ramble, I thoroughly enjoy your performances and, at that, you shouldn’t change a thing.

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