Everything I’m not saying re: James and Stoya

For the past week, I’ve felt like a coward. There’s been a lot of rumor and allegation going around, and I’ve chosen to stay quiet, afraid of backlash. There are too many things I’m not allowed to say.

I’m not allowed to say that I’m ashamed this is all we can talk about. I’m ashamed that I feel like I can’t say these things. I’m ashamed of the bandwagon.

I’m not allowed to say that I’m impressed by how quickly we’ve reacted, and that some important issues are being talked about, only because I also don’t believe in the court of public opinion.

I’m not allowed to say that I believe in supporting those who have been violated, and of course sex workers can be raped. I believe in speaking out, and that rapists should be punished. But I don’t believe in defamation.

I’m not allowed to say that sometimes women make shit up, as much as it kills my feminist heart.

I’m not allowed to say that I know this isn’t the first time she’s cried rape.

I’m not allowed to say that my heart is breaking for James Deen.

I’m not allowed to say that I know his breakup with Stoya was tumultuous to say the least, and he is taking the high road staying silent. But I also know the fight isn’t fair, and I will support him if it gets ugly.

I’m not allowed to say that I’ve seen a video, directed by Stoya, shot a month after they broke up, in which she breaks character, says, “stop,” and he immediately stops.

I’m not allowed to say that ostracizing every male performer who’s crossed the line with a female performer would lead to a business with no male talent. I’ve lost track of my own stories.

I’m not allowed to say that James, however, has only ever treated me with the utmost respect. He is one of the few people I still trust to top me for a rough scene, and I’m very picky now.

I’m not allowed to say that I will continue to work with him, continue to request him, continue to be excited when I hear he’s my scene partner.

I’m not allowed to say that, sure, James has done some fucked up shit. Quite a few directors have let him, even encouraged him, to be extra rough. And I know his proclivities in private life. But just because someone slaps someone, or scares them, doesn’t make them a rapist. He has a dark side, but he’s not this monster.

I’m not allowed to say that James Deen is my friend.

I’m not allowed to say that I’m not allowed to say these things.

I selfishly just want this all to go away, but it doesn’t seem like that’s happening anytime soon. I guess it doesn’t matter. I can’t say anything.

Except I just did.

For further reading, I suggest: http://therealpornwikileaks.com/industry-vet-gives-his-thoughts-on-james-deen-as-well-as-deens-accusers-updated/ and http://www.theguardian.com/culture/2015/dec/04/how-stoya-took-on-james-deen-and-broke-the-porn-industrys-silence

Dec 5th, 2:04pm EDIT: re: statement about male performers crossing the line: When I’m on set, it’s my responsibility to speak up if I am not comfortable. If I choose not to, that’s on me. Porn is a full contact sport. And yes, sometimes guys get carried away. That makes them shitty people, not abusers or rapists. There is a difference.

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  • Good post. I think that a lot of people can rush to judge (me included) someone who is accused of a crime before the facts are know. If James Dean is guilty, then other actors/victims will come forth. Until now, we should wait until this all plays out.

    • Other actors HAVE come forward. A lot of them. How many are you looking for, exactly?

      • RIGHT ON Chris simple an effective way to shut this stupid argument down. So u havent had bad interactions with him but we r bascailly in double digits now in about 7 days with people that have. Didnt u also state Casey that u have had issues like this with others but didnt speak on it. SO if U and 10 other girls come out with something a few years later when they feel over it and strong enough to speak on it we should assume u r making it up and u just want attention or to hurt some 1 personally right. Dont worry i have my tinfoil hat on ITS ALL A CONSPIRACY. Againi guess when we get past the 10th person to come forward grils llike u will stop saying others r jsut making it up

    • Jumping to conclusions about celebrities, back in the days of the OJ Simpson trail didn’t have an effect, thanks to social media and twitters mobs, lets be honest certain strains of feminism, jumping to conclusions is far, far, more dangerous, now because it can turn into a life destroying mob so quickly.

      People need to LEARN FROM HISTORY about Witch Hunts, McCarthism, ect…

    • Four score and seven minutes ago, I read a sweet aritelc. Lol thanks

  • I get to be a relatively anonymous internet commenter so I can say whatever. It’s brave of you to write this and I hope with all my heart that you’re wrong. Women and particularly sex workers face a gauntlet of disbelief when raped and if this turns out not to be true it’s going to warm the heart of every misogynist who wants to deny violence against women.

    Second, and lastly, dear god I’d like to see the industry reform itself so that women feel safe and protected when they are doing their jobs. “I’ve lost track of my own stories” is the saddest line I’ve read in a while and male performers “crossing the line” should be a rare event not one so common. I’m outside of it and don’t know what those reforms would even look like, but I will say I found Ashley Fires story disturbing. If even that one is true I’ve lost respect for Deen and if as you say that sort of thing happens all the time I feel heartbroken for the women who have to put up with it just because they’ve chosen to be sex workers. Even worse the story of forcible anal rape during a scene where it wasn’t agreed upon. That can’t just be the way things are. It’s rape by any definition.

    I’m a porn fan going way back and selfishly as a woman I’d like to be able to enjoy it knowing that the women who are putting themselves out there for my pleasure are supported and safe. I hope at the very least this leads to better working conditions for them.

    • Would you say that Kora Peters’ story was more than “crossing the line”? I noticed her story wasn’t questioned in that link you provided and I can’t imagine that what she claims happened to her falls under the “shitty people” but not rapist category. That sounds like a straight up rape to me.

      • If you look on James Deen’s website, the BTS of the scene where Kora Peters says she was raped is available. She looks like she is having an absolutely great time. No conflicting body language, facial expressions, or tone of voice. I suppose it could have happened after the camera was off though. Either way, you can see for yourself and draw your own conclusions.

    • >the heart of every misogynist who wants to deny violence against women.

      The problem right here. People like you want to set this guy as an example for crimes elsewhere. People like you with an agenda want to hear a particular narrative instead of the truth. You don’t want the truth and people like you indulge in misandry without even realizing it.

      No one denies violence against women. By blind belief in two twitter posts, you are undermining the severity of the crime a rape is. Rape isn’t something you use to fix relationship grudges or past grievances. Bu giving reporting a rape the respect it deserves, you would

      • It’s not TWO twitter posts. Although I think any one woman making a rape claim should be taken very seriously. It’s NINE women.

        Stoya: Rape
        T.M: An anonymous woman who claims she was raped
        Kora Peters: Anally raped during a scene without her consent
        Nicki Blue: Anally raped with a beer bottle at a party
        Joanna: Physical and Emotional Abuse
        Amber: Physical abuse above and beyond the requirements of a scene.
        Lily: Assault leading to injury during a scene.
        Ashley: Sexual assault
        Tori Lux: Sexual and physical assault

        Now are ALL nine women lying, exaggerating, making a big deal out of something that they should just expect to happen because of their jobs? That’s a possibility I guess. And if that possibility is true then apologies to James Deen. He’s the unluckiest man in America. But, I think it’s fair to assume when SO MANY stories come out that not all of them are lies.

        Rape is one of the lowest prosecuted crimes for many reasons, but one of them is that women are put through the ringer and assumed to be lying when they make claims and sex workers in particular are thought to have little to no rights to make those claims because of the work they do. Scroll through Stoya’s twitter feet and you’ll find people saying to her “you’re a whore. you can’t be raped.” or “if you need a safe word then you deserved it.” You might want to discount the role of misogyny in the way we treat rape but it exists and plays a part in the low rates of prosecutions and convictions and even before that convinces women to not report it at all because of the stigma attached.

        • I guess Casey is just turning a blind eye to all these rape/abuse claims because James Dean is her friend. Look at all the women that came forward about their rape by Bill Crosby. Sometimes it just takes the first allegation of rape made by a victim to encourage other victims to come forward.

        • Rape cases when they reach court, end in a 58% conviction rate, 2% above the average of 56%

          I find it very hard to believe that stoya would go out of her way to hire deen to shoot a porn with her 5 weeks after their relationship if she really was raped by him.

          I don’t know anyone involved, personally, so I wouldn’t know in either direction.

          The fact that ashley fire is even in the list is amazing to me. She asked him to stop and he did.

          Even in this comment section, there are people who are conflating things and say he raped others.

          I think we need to go back to innocent until proven guilty. Women that are raped need to be braver. If someone does something scummy to you, that person will do it to someone else. The fact that none of these were reported until stoya learned that james deen was buying a house with his new girlfriend and while promoting her website with a porn video of him on top of the queue, she decided to accuse him of rape, while simultaneously accusing him of feminist hipocrisy, makes it look more like she wanted to hurt him in whatever way, than that she’s honestly and bravely coming forward with her story.

          Still, I wouldn’t know either way, but the certainty that some people display about this makes me more skeptical, not less.

          “Just believe the woman”. Give me a break. Women are equally capable as men, also in the lying and being vindictive department.

    • Like, “I’ve lost track of my own stories”, isn’t even limited to the porn industry. Are you kidding me? I can’t think of a single one of my girl friends who has not had a guy “cross the line” in one way or another. I’ve lost track of my own stories when it comes to the number of guys who have sexually assaulted me in public and in private.

      While it’s a horrible thought- that women don’t have control over their own bodies and that men can generally overpower them and do what they please- it is a reality. There’s no way that the porn industry- a collection of highly sexual men- are going to suddenly start behaving better than your Average Joe. And the even worse truth is that even if all of the parents in the world sat their little boys down and told them to respect women’s bodies, nature is probably going to out run that nurture.

      Men are in charge of themselves, and it’s up to them to act civilized. No matter how you reform the porn industry you’re still going to have individual who lack control over their primal instincts.

    • Wait, so you WANT it to be true a bunch of women were raped? How confusing.

    • “I’ve lost track of my own stories” may be a “sad line”, but I don’t even think it is limited to porn stars. I am 25- recent college grad- and I don’t have a single female friend who has not been sexually victimized by a man in one way or another. I have lost track of my own stories- of being sexually assaulted in public and private.
      Face it- porn industry reform isn’t going to change this. The men in porn are part of a group of highly-sexualized people, they aren’t going to suddenly fall in line and behave better than your average Joe. And even if every parent in the world sat their little boy down and told them to respect female bodies, it probably wouldn’t make much of a difference. That nurture probably isn’t enough to outweigh the nature of the beast.

      It is a sad reality that women do not have control over our bodies the way we like to think we do. Men tend to be stronger, thus they are able to “have their way”. Men have primal urges, and it is 100% up to them to remain civil and not victimize women. Porn reform, and porn, are not the cause or the solution to the problem. James Deen is an individual- and whether he did it or not- who is responsible for his own actions.

    • You are naïve and obviously do not know how the industry is run. James Deen did not assault anyone and it is obvious the women coming forth are paid by tabloids to exaggerate their experience with him. Pornstars are well aware of the nature of the shoot in which they will be peforming in and sign a contract giving their consent on the sex acts that are going to be performed BEFORE they begin to perform the act. So this whole talk of sexual assult is bullshit. You don’t even know if Stoya is telling the truth. For all we know she could be lying. She has falsely accused of rape before. While there are real women who were raped, who have come out and you ignore their stories. If you care so much about rape why don’t you help rape victims speak out about it? Why don’t you also support other rape victims like Cynthia? Cynthia is pornstar who was gang-raped in her home by 4 men this year. Yet you and the media show no support for her. You cannot be sure if the man did rape her. But if a woman accuses a man of rape over TWITTER (what rape victim will expose herself to humiliation by going on twitter but anyway) with no proof, evidence, or the full story HE MUST BE A RAPIST. THERE IS NO WAY A WOMAN WILL LIE ABOUT SOMETHING LIKE RAPE!

  • THANK YOU CASEY!!!!! Finally there are vices of rain in this thing! Please follow @jamesdeentruth on Twitter. Love your work and I’ll be sure to say hi in Vegas!

  • >I’m not allowed to say that I know this isn’t the first time she’s cried rape.
    It’s not just Stoya that has called him out.

    >I’m not allowed to say that my heart is breaking for James Deen.
    If he did rape her and the others, then he is not victim.

    >But I also know the fight isn’t fair, and I will support him if it gets ugly.
    Again, focussing on Stoya and not the others.

    >I’m not allowed to say that I’ve seen a video, directed by Stoya, shot a month after they broke up, in which she breaks >character, says, “stop,” and he immediately stops.
    And therefore nothing bad has happened ever?

    >I’m not allowed to say that ostracizing every male performer who’s crossed the line with a female performer would lead to a >business with no male talent. I’ve lost track of my own stories.
    Not an argument at all, a crime is a crime and should be dealt with no matter the consequences, and you should really take action when it happens to you.

    >I’m not allowed to say that, sure, James has done some fucked up shit. Quite a few directors have let him, even encouraged him, to be extra rough. And I know his proclivities in private life. But just because someone slaps someone, or scares them, doesn’t make them a rapist. He has a dark side, but he’s not this monster.
    Slapping someone makes him a (wife) abuser, and it’s not that much of a stretch to rape if the slapping happens against the woman’s wishes during sex.

    • You took Casey’s sentences and turned them into something she never said. This is a huge problem in communication. Also if we are going to believe in finding in standing by truth and justice, we have to starts with the facts. Only Stoya has said rape.

      • A woman using the initials T.M has claimed rape. Kora Peters said she was anally raped during a scene that she didn’t consent to. Nicki Blue said she was anally raped with a beer bottle at a party. That’s four claims of rape.

        • Kora can be heard in her scene consenting to anal sex and even saying “I love when you fuck my ass.”
          Nicki Blue posted pics from that on her tumblr and there is a woman penetrating her with a beer bottle.
          Sexual assault is horrific, but not the same as rape.

        • Dig deeper into Nicki Blue. She has a blog where she talks about losing her virginity to an alien. She also goes by Aaliyah Avatari.

          no way to know what’s true of her story, unfortunately. I’m not aware of mental health issues among any of the other performers coming forward.

    • couldn’t agree more.

  • Incredibly difficult situation for those involved. Difficult for us outside the loop.You hate to condemn without due process but that process has failed women before.I’ve seen viciousness after breakups before. I hope as a fan and industry supporter we receive clarity and fairness. Let’s wish for truth to prevail and a positive outcome.

  • Thank you, Casey for standing up for your friend! Hoping more performers will follow suit. YOU.ARE.AWESOME….that is all.

  • Casey, you’re a good person & friend. And very brave. I wish there were more like you.

  • I needed to read this so badly. I’m a huge fangirl of James Deen. I was heart broken when the “news” broke. I also had tons of reservation about the situation due to the fact that, it’s porn, they’re porn performers, and they dated: all of which I feel just complicates the truth or “truth”.

    Thank you so much for writing this. I’m really relieved you did 🙂

  • Rapists have friends, too, so it’s not surprising that a friend would stick up for him.

  • The only think we know is that he is not guilty until proven otherwise. But I usually stand beside women in cases of rape. Up because I think this crime as heinous and disgusting of all. And I hope that has not happened. I respect your opinion. Only time will tell who is right.

  • Very well thought out message Casey. Although inside, part of me thinks the accusations needs addressing so that pornstars are protected against such things, my real concern is the mindset of the abused (who mostly say they were traumatised) still continuing the need or pressure to stay in the business & perform.
    Porn has led the way in many areas (mainly pushing through new technology) yet it still lags behind when coming to things like unions or basic working rights. I hear people trying to legislate said rights, but the industry in general don’t seem to want the change. They should be the one’s who really should be named & shamed.
    Sorry to go on here, thought I was here to say the usual ‘Big fan, love your work’ etc etc. (which is of course do).

  • Listen… I wasn’t there to be a witness to whatever happened between James Deen and Stoya, or Joanna Angel, or anybody else. I don’t actually KNOW what happened. And, respectfully, neither do you, Casey. Stoya may be/may have been a psycho bitch. Everything that you said about her may be true. But that doesn’t mean that her allegation about James Deen is a lie. People, and courts during rape trials, tend to look at the track record of a woman who has made a rape allegation and use whatever they find in her background to discredit her. She has had lots of boyfriends? She must be a slut and can’t be trusted. She was a prostitute? She must be a slut and can’t be trusted. She’s a porn actress? She must be a slut and can’t be trusted. That’s why women rarely come forward to allege a sexual assault and have police investigate and press charges. Because no matter what, she loses. She’s a pariah; a victim; a whore; a liar.

    Yeah, so perhaps people have an axe to grind. Joanna Angel, Stoya, maybe all of them. I don’t know. Fact is, axe to grind or not, that doesn’t mean Stoya is lying about saying he raped her. I for one am tired of people claiming if she’s a stripper, or promiscuous, or a porn actress, or a WHORE, she isn’t credible and is lying about having been raped. She doesn’t lose her credibility because of any of the claims you have made about her — even if they’re all true. The question of whether or not she was raped is not something any of us will ever know. But what I do know is that it seems credible to be and I believe her. She may be a pissed off ex who is angry about her breakup and her former boyfriend’s new relationship, but that does NOT mean her allegation is therefore false. For what it’s worth.

    • You mean like people are doing to him?

      Of course people will look at your character history if truth is uncertain.

    • Like you mean the defence does to accusers all the time, because they have every right to question the crediblity of the accuser, because its relevant to the accusers motivations and reliblity, so that they don’t punish an innocent person.

      Nobody with sense likes rape, it sucks, but I’m not willing to destroyed who knows how many innocent men to in an attempt so flawed that its destinied to backfire.

      Some just justice is unavailible, its totally sucks, it hurts, and its frustrating, but if you take short cuts to Justice, your putting revenge above the well fare of other people.

      Also concider that this has made James Deen a target for every, mostly male, persons who say that rapists/James Deen should be beaten, balls ripped off, and other assorted acts of violence, which the mob mentality only encourages, I concerned for James Deen’s survival/safety.

      I would not be surprised if he’s already recieved death threats.

  • Message to James,

    I hope you have the will, energy and finances to FIGHT this to the Supreme Court. Your lawyers have probably already suggested this.

    Like Flint. Take a stand. It should not be legal for someone with enough followers on Social Media to blast anything they want and ruin a persons’ lively hood. It’s like yelling fire in a theater.

    You ARE an ASS and you know it. You push the women. That is why you have been requested and hired by so many. Your working relationship with the women was an open secret within the industry. I’ve seen plenty of interviews and BTS with the women, they were informed participants. That is what makes your scenes so good. That is why there is the NO list. If you don’t want to get cut or burned, don’t become a chef. If a woman doesn’t want their boundaries pushed, not passed don’t do porn.

    Personal and Private lives should mean just that. What is said or done behind closed doors is nobody’s business. Donald Sterling is proof enough. Relationships are hard with anyone but when you are in the public eye it seems impossible.

    If you are not compatible with your partner at the time, separate, get a divorce. No need to tell everyone all the intimate details of the demise of the relationship. I know it’s easier said than done when you are dealing with a deranged personality. I only know of you and Stoya from your interviews and social media. I could tell she is a needy diva princess. You are a control freak.

    Please fight for all the future people, men and women that will be harmed by Social Media.

    If you win your name will go down in history like Roe v Wade or Hustler Magazine, Inc. v. Falwell

    Your fan
    Suzy Que

    • SUZY, your analogies would make a lot more sense if you were holding DEEN responsible for being a chef who’s dishes are burning the customers mouths, not a chef trying to make a dish under sweltering conditions.

  • I am sure he is going to win on this. Truth will win. His fans will always accept him always. all the actresses and actors who take sides of stoya just for a twitter statement and just because she is a women shows how much bad eggs the industry has.

    • The only way either of them will “win” is if one of them provides damning proof. If Deen releases the damning texts of Stoya that he supposedly has or uses them as evidence in a defamation case, that will be a huge blow to Stoya’s story.

  • Casey this whole feminist thing is turning into crap. Being a feminist (if you even want to be referred as such) means standing for equality between men in women. Isn’t equality based on the premise, anything a man can do or be, so can a woman? We’ll guess what people, that goes for behavior as well. There’s nothing feminist about saying women can’t spread lies, be murderers, steal and yes..commit rape. Women are everything men are first and foremost we are human. We are angels and devils as well. There’s nothing right about men saying they believe another man based on him being a man and there’s nothing feminist about women saying they believe someone based on them being a women There’s no equality in any of that. How about we stand for truth and fairness and maybe if we can’t bet our lives on what the truth is, we shouldn’t be being anyone else’s.

  • Multiple performers coming forward with their stories about his behaviour and Casey herself saying that he’s crossed the line and done some fucked up shit. That, for me, is reason enough for Deen to be blacklisted. The same would of course go other male talents who’s crossed the line and who doesn’t respects limits. The same would also go for directors who has let this happen or even encouraged it.

  • I’m very disappointed to read this. I understand that you’re defending a friend, That’s incredibly noble. Adding testimonials of your personal experience is good, it keeps things in perspective, provides a more complete view of the person, and reminds us of the complexity that is being human.

    I’d understand cautioning against jumping to conclusions, but consider the effect of your words. What if you’re wrong? What if some or all of 10 accusations of violence that have come out so far, are true, would you still post this if they were? Even you admit that “he’s done some fucked up shit” and “has a dark side.” It shouldn’t be that impossible to believe that quite a few of the claims were fucked up shit and the product of someones dark side.

    This is a terrible and fucked up situation all around. It’s great that you’re showing compassion for your friend but the same compassion should be extended to the others and not dismissed as the product of vindictiveness. The seriousness of the claims and the possibility of those claims being truthful demands even more by all sides.

  • So, I see we’ve finally reached the point where sex workers feel they have to defend their fellow male partner, while remaining skeptical of their female ones (Hey! It’s almost like any other male-dominated industry). It’s frustrating to hear someone claim to be a feminist, yet focus on women lying about rape (when approximately 6-8% of reports are false and almost ALL are made against STRANGERS. Read the 2008 Home Office Report out of Britain) The fear of being accused by an someone you know is not just unlikely, but completely irrational when you factor in the backlash accusers take, and how much more likely it is that survivors don’t report though the official channels because of how traumatizing it is.

    But that’s not really the issue. The issues is that EVERY defense of Deen is based on a fallacy that knowing him, and knowing he’s a “good guy” means that all ten women coming forward (Stoya, Tori Lux, Ashley Fires, T.M. Kora Peters, Jayme Langford, Bree Olsen, Amber Rayne, Joanna Angel, Nicki Blue, Lily Labeau) must be mistaken, because the man they are describing “Can’t” have done those things they said he did.

    Here’s the most important part of this post. “nice people” can assault others while still remaining “nice” in the eyes of their friends. Rapists are not obviously “bad” people, they are oftentimes ordinary ones who simply feel entitled to other’s bodies and enjoy the feeling of control. The notion that defending Deen by saying he’s respectful, kind, and not the kind of person who “would” assault somebody is holey irrelevant when faced with the reality of actions vs character. Saying Deen assaulted these nine performers doesn’t make him a “bad” person, it make him an ORDINARY person who assaulted nine people, and defending him by saying he couldn’t have done it because he respects women is just not viable.

    If we do not confront this dilemma directly, if we cannot acknowledge that anyone can be a rapist, regardless of how well we know them or their past actions would contradict this, then we are opening up a hole to which predators can take advantage of our good nature and hide in. We may not like to think we could have been friends with man who did such horrible things, but remember, it was OTHERS who suffered most from that friendship, not ourselves.


  • Dunno if she was just jumping on the bandwagon, but Joanna Angel talked about her long relationship with him and how he treated her like she wasn’t even a human being. The only people who know the truth are the people that were actually there.

  • I really respect your courage Casey, because we all know the people who have judged him guilty will mob the shit out of you.

    If more feminists were like you, I’d still concider myself one, instead of ditching it.

  • This is bull. First of all Stoya is not a normal sex worker. She is a pornstar, meaning her sex work is a legal profession in America. She can get a good attorney to defend her. Therefore if she went to court she can win. There has been a lot of pornstars were raped, took the case to court and WON. So your claims that the judge will be bias has very little bases in fact just like your assumption James Deen is a rapist and all women should be believed if they make an accusation of rape. This is just feminism propaganda. There’s a difference making a claim of rape in court and making a claim of rape over twitter. In court that claim can be verified to be true by witnesses, reports, background checks, evidences etc. On twitter it cannot. All you have is her word and public opinion and that is even worse because the public cannot know enough to say anything. You don’t know James Deen. You don’t know Stoya. You don’t have documents on their past behaviours. So how can you say he’s a rapist or not? Or whether she’s crazy lying or not? You can’t

  • Let these claims get turned over to the police. If there’s credibility to be had, an ADA will make his/her career out of bringing down Deen. If not, we can give Deen the benefit of doubt. Which, IMHO, he’s earned, given his behavior in public… and, further, plenty of the accusations were made where there were observers and video evidence, which can be turned over to legal authorities.
    As writer Vox Day pointed out, it’s safe to view with skepticism any rape accusation made without a concurrent legal presence in the claim. If Stoya has a beef, she should have gone to the damn cops at some point. Period.

  • “I’m not allowed to say that ostracizing every male performer who’s crossed the line with a female performer would lead to a business with no male talent. I’ve lost track of my own stories.”

    But, what makes you stay silent in the wake of male performers who have crossed the line? Is the reason you have lost track of your own stories, because you have been forced (until now) into a Code of Silence, by an Industry that routinely ignores or downplays the abuse by Male Performers? How does that help the Porn Industry improve?

    Should female performers just suck it up and take it when a male performer so violently performs anal sex her anus bleeds and she needs stitches? Does filming a scene also require she maintain a Code of Silence about Abuse? Or if a male performer so violently strikes a female performer’s face that her jaw locks up? Should she just suck it up? No pain, no monetary gain? Why do female performers need to maintain a Code of Silence in the face of Male Performers who regularly cross the line? Why should they feel they are “not allowed to say” their own experiences? Why have you lost track of your own stories? You should own your stories. You should be allowed to tell your stories.

  • Oh no! I can’t believe I am just hearing about this. I love watching James Deen. I like watching him be rough but I have always got the sense that he cares about his colleagues. I noticed he will always take time throughout a scene to make sure the girl is wet, to make sure she gets off in some way, to give her a small break by fingering her. I love that he isn’t just another guy in a gang bang who is shoving his dick in whatever opening he can get. I don’t know, my opinion is purely based on watching him perform but as much as he comes off as an arrogant asshole, I don’t want to believe he is capable of rape. I hope truth will prevail. This is all so tricky )):

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