New Items For Sale!

I just added a bunch of new clothing items to my store.

Some highlights:

casey calvert thong boobs breasts sexy victorias secret pink

These super worn VS ‘Pink’ thong panties!


casey calvert bam visions anal bodysuit lingerie smile

The bodysuit I wore for the entire scene, from Anal Pros!


casey calvert pink wicked weasel bikini sexy

This teeny tiny pink micro bikini!

Check it out! 


You Guys Sure Do Love My Butthole, Part 2

I’m certain I’ve mentioned before how often I get asked about my butthole. I’ve balked at answering the questions before, because even though I’d love to think the asking is morbid curiosity, I know it’s really jack-off material. And this is not the place for that.

But I surrender. You win. Persistence pays off this one time.

Last week I answered the number one most common question. Here’s the rest I have saved up.

What happens if you’re in the middle of an intense anal scene and you suddenly have to poop?

Then I stop, get up, go poop, and come back and finish the scene.

Sometimes I do get an ‘I have to poop right now’ urge during a scene. It used to flip me out. These days, I know that I don’t actually have to poop, it’s just air that got pushed up in there. Depending on the type of scene, sometimes I get up and fart off camera, sometimes I just let it out.

Would you ever do a no enema anal scene?

There is ONE scene out there that I didn’t do any prep for. I’m not telling which one.

I will admit, I know what this anon is really asking, and the answer to that is no. I don’t do scat.

What is that weird, long, tongue-like toy that I keep seeing you play with on Everything Butt, and where can I get one?

That’s a Slink, made by Squarepeg. You can get it here:

Here’s Ella Nova, my hands, and the Slink for Everything Butt:

ella nova casey calvert slink everything butt porn

What are your thoughts on the increasing trend of “extreme” anal practices? More specifically rosebudding. Do you see any problems with this practice, and are you concerned with any long term health effects this may cause? (referenced article: VICE A Rosebud by Any Other Name Would Smell Like Shit By Michelle Lhooq)

Hi Casey, are you working on getting that butt meat rose (aka prolapsed rectum) further out (in length) for 2016 or is what we’ve seen your limit?

I’m not one to condemn what anyone thinks is hot, and if a girl wants to prolapse, on camera or in her personal life, I’m all for it. It’s her body, and as long as she’s making an educated choice, and still feels in control of it (i.e. she’s pushing it out, rather than it just falling out), I see no problem with it. I also, of course, have no problem if that’s what you are into watching.

However, it’s just not my thing. I know you’ve seen a few small rosebuds in some of my scenes, and that’s because it happened on accident. I’m not going to work on prolapsing farther. I prefer to keep my colon inside.

After having lots of anal sex with huge penises and dildos over the years, do you have to wear diapers at this point of your life?

Nope. But if the thought of me in a diaper gets you off, then you go ahead and enjoy it.

casey calvert spongebob imagination


You Guys Sure Do Love My Butthole

I’m certain I’ve mentioned before how often I get asked about my butthole. I’ve balked at answering the questions before, because even though I’d love to think the asking is morbid curiosity, I know it’s really jack-off material. And this is not the place for that.

But I surrender. You win. Persistence pays off this one time.

How do you prepare for anal?

Preface: This isn’t advice. Anal prep is as personal as a fingerprint. Feel free and use this as a guide, but only you can know what feels best for your body.

I don’t starve myself. I did at the very beginning of my career, until I realized that (1) a starving me on set is not a happy me, and (2) it wasn’t necessary anyway. So, I eat whatever I want the day before (excluding things that could dye my colon, e.g. beets, blue velvet cake, yes I speak from experience).

The morning of, I eat breakfast. My go-to is a box of organic chocolate milk and Nature’s Path pop tarts. It’s easy to eat in the car, and for whatever strange reason, it keeps me full for a really long time. That’s important, because I don’t want to eat again until after my scene. Not because I’m worried about not being clean, but because I want to make sure I’m not bloated or sleepy from eating during my scene.

I also take one Imodium. I use the multi-symptom ones, because the plain Imodium gives me bad gas. There have been a few times where I forgot to take it, and everything was fine. It just gives me peace of mind, and that’s super important when doing anal.

I only enema right before the scene. I communicate this with the director so they understand that I’ll need 15-30 min before the scene, so no one is stressed out. I use the small fleet enema bottles, dumping out the saline solution, just filling them with water. I start with two bottles full (filling up the bottle, squirting it in my ass, then repeating), and repeat that until the water comes out clean. Once the water is clean, I do a quick one bottle rinse, just to make sure everything is good. As long as that comes out clear, I count my butt as clean. Sometimes this takes 5 minutes, sometimes it takes 30.

Then, if I’m working with an exceptionally large cock, I stretch. I have some dilators from Doc Johnson that I love, and I use them. I work up to the biggest one, and keep it in until I can comfortably squeeze my butthole around it. This takes no more than 10 min. If I’m working with a “normal” size cock, I skip this step altogether.

Stretching helps remove any excess water that was trapped up in there, so if I’m not stretching, I’ll just use my fingers to hold my ass open until I can’t feel any water anymore.

And then I’m good to go.

I’ve shot so much anal now that it’s very easy for me to feel if I’m clean or not. I can’t describe the feeling though. It’s just me knowing, and trusting, my body. When I was new, this process was much more complicated because I didn’t trust my body. It just takes practice.

For at-home anal, the prep is maybe his finger going in before his cock. shrug

Next week I’ll answer more butt stuff questions. Stay tuned!


June 3rd, 2017 UPDATE: This is by far the best resource I have ever seen re: cleaning your butt. You should read it.

Why I Sell Worn Clothing

Please answer: what do you think of fans wanting to buy things (clothing, etc.) from you. Does it excite you, do you understand it, or does it creep you out? Just curious.

I’m excited about your new store, will you be selling everyday outfits in addition to the other items? Thank you.

I think everyone has their own individual arousal pattern, and sometimes that pattern includes clothing. If I can oblige them by selling my worn clothing to them, something I deem fairly harmless, and make a little money at the same time, I don’t see why not to do it. It’s a win-win. And just like making custom videos, I enjoy knowing I got someone off. I’ve gotten some spectacular emails from my panty clients telling me what they did with my worn underwear.

My most common items sold are (in this order): panties, stockings, lingerie sets, shoes. I’ve never been asked for an everyday outfit, but I’d be glad to sell it.

Don’t be shy about asking. I’ll hold a new sale soon, so comment here if you have any special requests. Or, you can always email me at if you want something out-of-the-ordinary.


Everything I’m not saying re: James and Stoya

For the past week, I’ve felt like a coward. There’s been a lot of rumor and allegation going around, and I’ve chosen to stay quiet, afraid of backlash. There are too many things I’m not allowed to say.

I’m not allowed to say that I’m ashamed this is all we can talk about. I’m ashamed that I feel like I can’t say these things. I’m ashamed of the bandwagon.

I’m not allowed to say that I’m impressed by how quickly we’ve reacted, and that some important issues are being talked about, only because I also don’t believe in the court of public opinion.

I’m not allowed to say that I believe in supporting those who have been violated, and of course sex workers can be raped. I believe in speaking out, and that rapists should be punished. But I don’t believe in defamation.

I’m not allowed to say that sometimes women make shit up, as much as it kills my feminist heart.

I’m not allowed to say that I know this isn’t the first time she’s cried rape.

I’m not allowed to say that my heart is breaking for James Deen.

I’m not allowed to say that I know his breakup with Stoya was tumultuous to say the least, and he is taking the high road staying silent. But I also know the fight isn’t fair, and I will support him if it gets ugly.

I’m not allowed to say that I’ve seen a video, directed by Stoya, shot a month after they broke up, in which she breaks character, says, “stop,” and he immediately stops.

I’m not allowed to say that ostracizing every male performer who’s crossed the line with a female performer would lead to a business with no male talent. I’ve lost track of my own stories.

I’m not allowed to say that James, however, has only ever treated me with the utmost respect. He is one of the few people I still trust to top me for a rough scene, and I’m very picky now.

I’m not allowed to say that I will continue to work with him, continue to request him, continue to be excited when I hear he’s my scene partner.

I’m not allowed to say that, sure, James has done some fucked up shit. Quite a few directors have let him, even encouraged him, to be extra rough. And I know his proclivities in private life. But just because someone slaps someone, or scares them, doesn’t make them a rapist. He has a dark side, but he’s not this monster.

I’m not allowed to say that James Deen is my friend.

I’m not allowed to say that I’m not allowed to say these things.

I selfishly just want this all to go away, but it doesn’t seem like that’s happening anytime soon. I guess it doesn’t matter. I can’t say anything.

Except I just did.

For further reading, I suggest: and

Dec 5th, 2:04pm EDIT: re: statement about male performers crossing the line: When I’m on set, it’s my responsibility to speak up if I am not comfortable. If I choose not to, that’s on me. Porn is a full contact sport. And yes, sometimes guys get carried away. That makes them shitty people, not abusers or rapists. There is a difference.

Coming Out Like A Porn Star is out!

Earlier this year, Jiz Lee (who I think is one of the awesome-est people in the world) asked me if I would like to submit an essay for their new book, Coming Out Like A Porn Star: Essays on Pornography, Protection, and Privacy. Once I got over being starstruck, I agreed.

I’ve very proud of my essay, and you should read it. Really, the whole book is amazing. If are you a fan of pornography, and enjoy more than just cocks in assholes (i.e. you are reading my blog, so…), you’ll love it.

You can purchase it here or here.

I’d also love to hear your thoughts on it. Please feel free to write to me.

casey calvert book coming out like a porn star selfie writing


On acting in porn

Casey, I have always wondered how much is acting vs. real emotion in porn and/or bondage scenes.

Everyone talks about how porn isn’t real, it’s so fake, I mean, look at that girl, she’s definitely not actually coming. And here’s the thing. Some of it is fake. It’s unavoidable.

Once upon a time, long before porn, I made an at-home sex tape with my then-boyfriend. We fucked just like we would have if the camera wasn’t sitting on a tripod across the room. And the sex was excellent, both of us super aroused knowing we were filming it.

When we sat down later to watch it, we were disappointed. Our sex tape, well, it was boring. You couldn’t really see anything, you couldn’t really hear anything. We thought we had captured something really hot, but instead, it was just two naked bodies smashing together and some moaning.

The very core of shooting porn, at least for me, is the performance. (It’s one of the reasons why escorting isn’t my thing, but that’s another blog for another day.) It’s opening up. It’s dirty talk. It’s acting. And it’s all for the camera.

I try to take what I am really feeling, whether it’s arousal, or trepidation, or excitement, and I perform those feelings. I make them larger than they really are, in the realest way I possibly can.

And I do this so you can see it.

It’s the eyes darting around the room and the soft moans at the intro of a bdsm scene.

It’s the fumbling with clothes and the giggling during a romance scene.

It’s the connection with the camera and the crazy orgasms during a gonzo scene.

I don’t consider it fake. I certainly don’t fake anything, especially my orgasms. I might play up the good things, and downplay the bad, but nothing is fake. It’s just performance.

And it’s hella fun.




Size Does Matter

For some reason, today my tumblr is filled with questions about penis size/ shape/ color. So…

  1. I don’t care how big it is, as long as you know how to use it.
  2. I’d prefer to date someone with an average size penis, rather than a large one. I prefer spontaneous anal, and it would be no fun to tear my butt because my partner’s cock was too big to go in without a warmup.
  3. I don’t care what color it is, but see #2 re: size.
  4. Re: #3, I have fucked black men with average size cocks. So there.
  5. I prefer circumcised because I think it’s generally more attractive, but I have dated uncircumcised men. As long as it’s clean and well-groomed, I really don’t care.
  6. For scene partners, as long as it works, I don’t care what kind of cock they have.

The end.

Postscript: Did you like my clickbait title? Did ya? hehehe

Lingerie for sale!


I’ve saved a bunch of outfits from my recent scenes, unwashed of course, and I’m making them available to you! If this goes over well, I’ll be doing this often 🙂

Gape Lovers 9 with Zoey Monroe and Tony DeSergio –


As you can see, I kept this outfit on the whole scene 🙂


Craving Anal with Dahlia Sky and Mike Adriano –



Gape Lovers with Danica Dillion and Mick Blue – I don’t have any pics for this scene because it hasn’t even been announced yet. I’m just assuming it’ll be for a Gape Lovers. Anyway, it’s a super hot, purple Trashy Lingerie number, kind of like what I wore with Zoey  in the last Gape Lovers 🙂

Wet Food 6 –


I also kept what was left of this outfit (after the boys got their hands on me) on the whole scene. If you like spit, this one is for you!


To purchase one or more of these worn outfits, email me at The price for each outfit is $75 (if you live in the US, international shipping is more) but I’d be glad to give you a package deal if you want more than one 🙂

I also have lots of panties, shoes, and other items of clothing available. All you have to do is ask!

The Things You’ve Missed

Hi everyone, sorry for being gone so long. That’s gonna change. I’m still gonna post tumlbr Q&As (I’m getting back on there as well) and the intellectual stuff, but I’m also gonna post more sexy fun things.

To make up for my lack of posting, here’s 6 things you might not know about me…

1. I moved, and it’s been occupying all my time. If you don’t know this, where have you been? If you want to catch up:

2. I got a dog! This is Eve. My neighbor found her on the side of the freeway on Christmas Eve. She came to our house to spend the night, and never left.


Eve is in a cone because she was scratching her ears to death. She’s got bad allergies, just like her mom. So now she gets benedryl, and a cone to heal the scabs.

3. I turned 25, so I’m practically a MILF now. Here’s what I did on my birthday:


Jon Jon and I.

4. Now that I have a real kitchen, I’ve started to teach myself how to cook. Keep an eye on my instagram (@caseycalvert) for updates.

5. I know you know that I rock climb, but I know you don’t know that I started going to circus school. I’ve also been doing gymnastics again. As soon as I get my silks and trapeze set up, I’ll have pics for you!

6. Who’s interested in buying wardrobe from my scenes? Well, now you can! Blog post on this to follow.


Yes, that’s 13 boys.