Panty Sales are back on!

I’ve been meaning to do this since, like, September — I just added a bunch of new personal panty drawer items to my store! I also added a special request button – you can now request worn items without waiting for me to upload more to the store!

My fave selfie that I took for this sale:

casey calvert silky white full bottom panties granny panties

Take me to the store!


2 Responses to Panty Sales are back on!

  • Hi Casey,

    I am a 24 year old male living in new york city, and i have been watching a LOT of your videos recently. I respect what you do and i truly believe u are making a difference in helping young guys/girls like myself explore themselves in a safe way. I wanted to let you know that i absolutely love the lingerie that u wear in ur scenes, and i would love to buy it as your videos have helped me know myself better and it would be a great souvenir for something that was life changing.

    I was wondering if you have any panties for sale in the store now, as your work has inspired me greatly to explore my sexuality and try out new things. Your store page hasn’t been updated for quite some time. if you could point me out to your other stores / links, id highly appreciate it.

    apologies if this was inappropriate or rude or any way.

    Thanks and stay safe!

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