I Love You, Internet

I’ve spent my morning researching the freshman from Duke University who works in porn (blog post to follow). But I’ve found so many wonderful gems, just in comments following news articles about this topic, that I MUST share.

I didn’t make any of these up.*

  • I’m amazed by the ‘you can’t rape a porn star’ attitude. Anyone want to explain that one?
  • The response: There’s really no logical explanation, but I’ll try: porn stars are down for anything. If a bunch of dudes want to run a train on a porn star, she’ll supposedly agree to it. If someone she finds unattractive wants to have sex with her, she’ll do it just because she’s a porn star, therefore they have absolutely no standards.”

Ummm… so just because I’m down for an on-camera gangbang means that I’ll agree to a gangbang with a bunch of (untested) strangers I’ve met at a bar? Uh huh.

  •  I know a girl who has a criminal justice degree. Instead of doing porn, she worked in strip clubs, did escort, and had at least 25 customers before her 20th birthday. She didn’t have any problem with paying for schools or pay her rent on time while she was in college, I wish you should have taken that route in order to avoid any repercussion from the work you’re doing.

What? So American society thinks it’s completely okay for a girl to be hooker? Did I miss the memo?

  • Give me a break. If you are a sex worker honey no need to attend Duke. Whoring has been around since the beginning of time so just go do it. You got into Duke and you are so dimwitted to think that no one who say something to you if they found out you did porn?

There’s no need for sex workers to use our brains. We are just wet holes, after all!

  • Really? How did you even get into Duke in the first place? Your personal statement should have been titled “My Financial Plan to Pay for School through Porn.”

She’s so stupid, how ever did she get into Duke, let alone graduate from high school?

  • So how much do you charge for a blowjob. Prostitution is legal if there’s a camera and that is all you are at this point so what’s your going rates? Seriously.

Seriously. I’d fuck her.

  • Maybe you should have chosen a less expensive school and kept your pants on. Your surprise at the response you’ve gotten only proves your naivete. Smarten up. Go to a school you can afford with a job that doesn’t consist of faking orgasms.
  • The response: Maybe you should go and fuck yourself to death, dickweed.
  • Followed by: TERRIBLE COMMENT

I… I have nothing smart to say about this one. The internet did it for me.

  • “Lauren” definitely has a lot of confidence in her sex skills. She probably had sex with hundreds of guys before starting porn. Porn stars are also attention whores… Going the porn route just means you like to be recorded and placed online to be seen. “Lauren” enjoys the idea of guys fapping to her videos. Gross.

He’s got some truth there. After all, I like to be recorded and placed online to be see. I enjoy the idea of guys fapping to my videos. However, wanna know how many guys I had sex with before I started porn? 6.

  • Then I will spend the rest of my minutes concerned about the drug habit she could be developing to be able to film proficiently.

You know, I always do five lines of coke and drink a bottle of vodka before every scene, because if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be able to “film proficiently,” and we wouldn’t want that!  Or maybe I just take my allergy medicine and my birth control pill.

  • Thank you for fulling our Internet with your body, Thank them for watching it ($_$)

I love you non-native English speakers writing in English.

  • Duke? My dog has the same name. Weird. Do you know him?

This definitely contributes to the conversation.

  •  Hi i think being a porn star is good , and maybe one day i can be one too

Someone always has to ask.

I love you, internet. You amuse me, you distract me, you entertain me. Keep it up.

In the spirit of this post, I’ll be accepting all the comments. Hit me with your best.



*Just because I went to college and learned all about citing sources, all these comments came from these two articles (most other articles didn’t allow comments or were full of so much unrelated bullshit that I gave up on reading them):





3 Responses to I Love You, Internet

  • The sad thing is how ignorant people truly are !

  • And I was thinking you don’t care about other people opinion. I’ve read in your interview that your parents were supportive to you when you said you want to be a pornstar. You have such a great support that you shouldn’t worry about random people statement in the internet. I doubt any of them attend Sexual Diversity Studies classes or have any degree in philisophy. Most of their statement are just typical society cliche build by religion and government through many years. It’s something you can’t change and must accept. Many people still thinks that in Russia there are bears in the streets and people drink vodka every day 😀 people share this cliche without thinking is this truth or not. There isn’t any common sense in this cliche but they exists. For example if I say that I watch porn every day and that I drink vodka every day people in my country would have more negative opinion about me after first statement even if it’s obvious that drinking vodka hurt my phisical and mental health :\ and watching porn, well it’s almost safe I’m not sure about my mental health 😀 I mean I should find a girl and make love with her rather than watching porn but… life is pain and there isn’t justice in real life once you learn this you should be more happy with what you are and what you have :b

    As for me I find porn very strange choice of job but I try to see people behind society cliche and learn more about them and their choices. I’m not an Angel and have my own dark sides in me so I try not to judge people only because of their job or etc.

    P.S. yes I’m one of the “non-native English speakers” sorry for my bad English 🙁

  • Hi Casey i’ve read this Duke’s freshman story after you put a link on your twitter and was shocked about the stupid and vicious attacks on the young lady. She made a decision to pay her study in this way well good for her you can’t pay it by flipping burgers i guess. But the thing that bothers me the most is that every asshole thinks she’s available for him obviously they can’t see the difference between the pornstar at work and the private person, I can watch you in a pornvideo but can write this knowing you’re a college graduate and a very nice person without thinking of sex at all so why is it so difficult for other men to do that? I hope she will finish her study’s without debts so she can make a long nose to everybody that is currently pissing her off. Just one thing in several comments about this story the word hooker was used to describe pornstars, Pornstars are NO HOOKERS goddamn they’re just having a different job then me i’m far to shy to do that. If you find the girl maybe show her my opinion to make her feel a bit better.
    Your friend
    Richard van der Voort

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