I do the weird stuff

The other day, I got an email about a custom video with the subject line, “nothing too weird for you?” It turns out it’s not too weird for me at all, and it’ll be a fun video to make. It got me thinking.

I don’t just do the weird stuff. I like to do the weird stuff.

Here’s the thing:  Although I don’t have a fetish myself, I understand it. I spent a very long time uncomfortable and unwilling to share my unusual sexuality with others, and I admire people who are out about their fetish. I feel, for lack of a better way to say it, proud of them.

Tangent: There is difference between a fetish and a kink, and it’s a huge pet peeve of mine when people misuse the words. A kink is something outside of the norm that turns you on. You have a fetish when you absolutely can’t get aroused unless the subject of your fetish is present.

Sex is such an important human function, whether society wants to admit it or not. And when your sexuality is different than what society deems acceptable, it can be crippling. My sexuality used to be my biggest secret. It used to be a weight I carried around with me. And mine’s not even, insert air quotes here, that bad.

So… I love making fetish videos, especially custom fetish videos. I admire the balls it takes to write to me about something that I might write back and say, “what the fuck? You are crazy!”

People with a fetish know what they want, and I love giving it to them. I figure, having a fetish makes things complicated enough, the least I can do is make them an awesome video. I know it’s going to be appreciated. It’s not pity, it’s appreciation and curiosity. I love learning about what turns someone on, and why. After all, it’s true what they say about psychologists – they study what they wish to understand in themselves.

And now, Captain Hammer… (click to play)

5 Responses to I do the weird stuff

  • I actually was unaware that I could adore you any MORE, and then you go and use a term like “insert air quotes here”…… LoL if you only knew how much and how often I use air quotations making jokes, being a smart ass, etc….

    After reading this though, does this mean that “dirty little sluts” are my fetish??? 😉

  • +100 Internet points for your reference to Dr Horrible.

  • Love the Dr. Horrible add on there. Did you watch Firefly/Joss Whedon stuff? Have you seen Felicia Day’s “The Guild’?

  • although I do not like bondage, but I’m sure if you should continue doing what you enjoy

  • Hi. I haven’t seen any of your work, but I sure can relate to your words. I feel so proud of people who can own their personallittle weirdness. I’ve cammed a few times with people while I’m sucking my husbands cock and they text me…the thing the affects me the most is knowing how the men and women are themselves affected. It’s a very powerful moment, a strong connection. When they reveal some secret filhy thought or kink or fetish, it intensifies the interaction for all. I think it is a very great thing that you allow yourself the freedom to explore the weird stuff, both for you and for those who seek it. Peace and love!

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