On acting in porn

Casey, I have always wondered how much is acting vs. real emotion in porn and/or bondage scenes.

Everyone talks about how porn isn’t real, it’s so fake, I mean, look at that girl, she’s definitely not actually coming. And here’s the thing. Some of it is fake. It’s unavoidable.

Once upon a time, long before porn, I made an at-home sex tape with my then-boyfriend. We fucked just like we would have if the camera wasn’t sitting on a tripod across the room. And the sex was excellent, both of us super aroused knowing we were filming it.

When we sat down later to watch it, we were disappointed. Our sex tape, well, it was boring. You couldn’t really see anything, you couldn’t really hear anything. We thought we had captured something really hot, but instead, it was just two naked bodies smashing together and some moaning.

The very core of shooting porn, at least for me, is the performance. (It’s one of the reasons why escorting isn’t my thing, but that’s another blog for another day.) It’s opening up. It’s dirty talk. It’s acting. And it’s all for the camera.

I try to take what I am really feeling, whether it’s arousal, or trepidation, or excitement, and I perform those feelings. I make them larger than they really are, in the realest way I possibly can.

And I do this so you can see it.

It’s the eyes darting around the room and the soft moans at the intro of a bdsm scene.

It’s the fumbling with clothes and the giggling during a romance scene.

It’s the connection with the camera and the crazy orgasms during a gonzo scene.

I don’t consider it fake. I certainly don’t fake anything, especially my orgasms. I might play up the good things, and downplay the bad, but nothing is fake. It’s just performance.

And it’s hella fun.