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Lingerie for sale!


I’ve saved a bunch of outfits from my recent scenes, unwashed of course, and I’m making them available to you! If this goes over well, I’ll be doing this often 🙂

Gape Lovers 9 with Zoey Monroe and Tony DeSergio –


As you can see, I kept this outfit on the whole scene 🙂


Craving Anal with Dahlia Sky and Mike Adriano –



Gape Lovers with Danica Dillion and Mick Blue – I don’t have any pics for this scene because it hasn’t even been announced yet. I’m just assuming it’ll be for a Gape Lovers. Anyway, it’s a super hot, purple Trashy Lingerie number, kind of like what I wore with Zoey  in the last Gape Lovers 🙂

Wet Food 6 –


I also kept what was left of this outfit (after the boys got their hands on me) on the whole scene. If you like spit, this one is for you!


To purchase one or more of these worn outfits, email me at The price for each outfit is $75 (if you live in the US, international shipping is more) but I’d be glad to give you a package deal if you want more than one 🙂

I also have lots of panties, shoes, and other items of clothing available. All you have to do is ask!

The Things You’ve Missed

Hi everyone, sorry for being gone so long. That’s gonna change. I’m still gonna post tumlbr Q&As (I’m getting back on there as well) and the intellectual stuff, but I’m also gonna post more sexy fun things.

To make up for my lack of posting, here’s 6 things you might not know about me…

1. I moved, and it’s been occupying all my time. If you don’t know this, where have you been? If you want to catch up:

2. I got a dog! This is Eve. My neighbor found her on the side of the freeway on Christmas Eve. She came to our house to spend the night, and never left.


Eve is in a cone because she was scratching her ears to death. She’s got bad allergies, just like her mom. So now she gets benedryl, and a cone to heal the scabs.

3. I turned 25, so I’m practically a MILF now. Here’s what I did on my birthday:


Jon Jon and I.

4. Now that I have a real kitchen, I’ve started to teach myself how to cook. Keep an eye on my instagram (@caseycalvert) for updates.

5. I know you know that I rock climb, but I know you don’t know that I started going to circus school. I’ve also been doing gymnastics again. As soon as I get my silks and trapeze set up, I’ll have pics for you!

6. Who’s interested in buying wardrobe from my scenes? Well, now you can! Blog post on this to follow.


Yes, that’s 13 boys.