Nasty Solo Menu

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This is a collection of solos that I can’t sell on OnlyFans! Squirting, public play, odd insertions, and more!

  1. Spain squirting (old solo #11) – A lovely view of me coming and squirting while I’m in Spain. 1 minute; $7
  2. Bathroom Squirt Solo (old solo #28) I fuck myself with one of my favorite dildos and squirt twice for you • 5 minutes; $12
  3. Double squirt solo (old solo #49) I fuck myself until I make myself squirt twice! Once with my fingers and once with my dildo. • 4 minutes; $12
  4. Squirting solo (old solo #52) – In my slutty fishnets, I make my pussy cum so hard I squirt. • 5 minutes; $10
  5. Panty stuffing solo (old solo #44) I take off my panties, stuff them all the way inside my wet pussy, and then use my hitachi to make myself cum. • 5 minutes; $12
  6. Elsa JOI (old JOI #2) – Cosplay Elsa (from Frozen) gives you JOI while masturbating herself. • 5 minutes; $12
  7. Solo Masturbation w/ Heel Play (old feet #8) – Showing you my perfect feet, bare in some platform nude heels. I play with my pussy, licking the heels, then using them to fuck myself, finally cumming with my lovely feet in view.  • 25 minutes; $35
  8. Public park solo 1 (old solo #4) – Masturbating in secret in the park. • 4 minutes; $10
  9. Coffee shop solo (old solo #5) – Masturbating at the corner coffee shop near my house. • 4 minutes; $10
  10. Car solo (old solo #50) Riding in the car, driving down the freeway in LA with lots of cars passing by, I make myself cum. • 3 minutes; $10
  11. Duct tape gag talk – I cover my mouth with three sexy strips of silver duct tape, making a lip imprint, and then talk dirty through the gag • 3 minutes; $8
  12. Coffee Shop Creampie Solo – I’m sitting at my favorite little coffee shop after getting fucked in my car. I can feel cum dripping out of both my holes and it’s turning me on way too much. I’m gonna play with myself until I cum but I have to be quiet.  • 7 minutes; $12
  13. Selina Kyle in Pantyhose with Squirting – I’m Selina Kyle and I’ve just been outed as Catwoman. I’m packing up my bags and getting ready to flee when I realize… I’m never going to see Bruce Wayne again! I decide to have one last orgasm in Gotham, in his memory. I play with my pussy through my pantyhose, then tear them open to get better access. I cum as much as I can, finally squirting on the bed, and hit the road. Good-bye, Bruce! Good-bye, Batman! • 8 minutes; $15
  14. Duct Tape Gag with Sock Talk – I’m so happy to be home, naked, and ready to tape my mouth shut for you. But I’m feeling extra naughty today, so I’m going to put this sock in first. It’s going to be so hard to talk like this! • 4 minutes; $10
  15. Desperate to Squirt – From 2013!! I am trying sooooo hard to squirt, but it takes ten minutes of frantically fingering myself before I gush! Lots of whimpering and frustration then sweet, sweet wet bliss! • 12 min; $15
  16. Duct Tape Gag Talk 2 Mm, look what I’ve got: a shiny, sticky roll of duct tape. You know what I want to do with this, right? Tape my mouth closed and talk dirty to you. • 2 min; $6
  17. Humiliated Schoolgirl I’m in trouble! I get called into the principal’s office because my skirt is too short. I have to strip naked, show my tits, pussy, and asshole, then spank myself! I’m so embarrassed, I’ll never wear a short skirt again!! • 5 min; $10

only available on LoyalFans and Fansly — DM me to purchase or go to my LoyalFans store!