Fun with Friends

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  1. Casey x Alice White Pokemon Cosplay – Trainer Misty encounters a wild Magikarp. I’m EASILY caught and very willing to be trained, especially in my natural poolside habitat. Alice White uses her fingers, tongue, and blue glass dildo to show me why she’s the perfect trainer for me!  • 9 minutes; $18
  2. Side Angle BJ – Me deepthroating and gagging on a friend’s cock until he shoots his hot load in my mouth. Question is… did I swallow it like a good girl?  • 5 minutes; $12
  3. POV Anal – At at-home anal quickie, POV style. If you’ve ever wanted to fuck me in the ass, now is your chance! • 4 minutes; $14
  4. Casey x Abigail Mac Bathtub GG – A sultry, sensual lesbian sexual tryst between Abigail Mac and I in my huge clawfoot tub. We make out, suck each other’s pussies, trib, and make each other cum as often as we can in the hot water. • 24 minutes; $30
  5. Slutty Cheating Wife POV – My husband calls while I’m busy stroking your cock. I lie to him about where I am, and tell him I’m still at work. Once we get him out of the way, you and I get to have some dirty fun. Lots of cuckold talk about my husband while I’m fucking my boss. • 16 minutes; $25
  6. Cozy Blowjob POV – Do you like my fleece jacket? It feels so good I want to suck your cock while I’m wearing it. But I don’t want you to cum too fast, so I’m going to tease you as much as I can before you shoot your hot load down my throat. • 9 minutes; $15
  7. Julia Ann Valentine’s Day Tease – Hey babe, Julia Ann and I thought we should make you a sweet, sexy Valentine’s Day video. It’s a little bit of a JOI and a little bit of lifting our skirts, teasing our pussies, and making out–all extra soft and romantic for you. • 9 minutes; $20
  8. Rain Sex with TenAgainst BG – Outside in the rain… and definitely almost caught! I give him an enthusiastic blowjob, then he eats my ass and pussy. Suddenly, we look up and notice a truck up the driveway of our cabin, DEFINITELY close enough to see us. • 11 minutes; $20
  9. Morning GG with Karla Lane – I was staying with Karla Lane in Vegas. We woke up together one morning and we were still so horny we decided to fuck each other on camera. I love watching her tongue in my pussy just as much as I love eating her out.  • 11 minutes; $18
  10. Casey x Dredd, Round Six – A sexy afternoon with Dredd! I go over to his place and he fucks my greedy asshole in the living room, the kitchen, and the bedroom. After he gives me such a good pounding, I return the favor by *trying* to stick his giant cock in my mouth and suck him dry. • 34 minutes; $40
  11. Anniversary Blowjob POV – Happy two year anniversary, babe! I’ve loved being married to you, loved all the experiences we’ve had together… all the *sexy* experiences we’ve had together. I love that I still turn you on as much as I did when we first got married. Now, are you ready for your anniversary blowjob? • 10 minutes; $15
  12. Maya Woulfe GG Anal – I come home to my wife, Maya Woulfe, fucking her asshole with a buttplug, so I put my a strap-on, eat her ass until she’s ready to take my cock, and finally give her the anal experience she’s been craving. • 18 minutes; $25
  13. Astronaut’s Home Cumming with Codey Steele – Astronaut and All-American Hero Codey Steele has returned after two years in space. Upon landing, he is whisked to Nurse Casey’s office, where she takes a semen sample. Before our intrepid spaceman can collect himself, Commanding General of The Space Force Cee Calvert decides she needs to taste a hero’s dick. But that’s not all that is in store for this cosmonaut! US Vice President Casey Calverette needs that heroic dick too! And if it ends up in her ass, even better! • 17 minutes; $25
  14. The Neighbor’s New Slut – I’m writing an email to my annoying neighbor whose tree fell on MY fence and HE needs to pay to fix it but instead of attaching pictures of the damaged fence, I send something more.. explicit. He comes over and tells me he’s going to send my naughty pictures to *everyone I know* if I don’t do what he says. Then he tells me to get naked for him, cover my entire body in oil, and pose with my buttcheeks spread so he can take more naughty pictures of me. Then he makes me do jumping jacks and call myself a dirty whore. God, I’m so humiliated. • 28 minutes; $25
  15. Aspiring Model Photoshoot BJ – A little role-play where I am Cassie Calvert, aspiring model! I am booked for a massage oil shoot but the photographer, Cody Steele, talks me into getting undressed and… well, soon his dick is in my mouth. He takes photos of me blowing him to show how good the oil is and I’m honestly concerned about the whole thing. But by the time he cums on my face, I’m sorta into it! I think? I just want to be a good model! • 15 minutes; $25
  16. Alice White is an Amazing Hostess – Alice White is a full-service hostess! She let me sleep over, brought me coffee, *and* ate my pussy so I could have a perfect morning orgasm. Five out of five stars, would stay again! • 5 minutes; $14
  17. Alice White and I Make Fun of Your Tiny Dick – Alice White and I are really excited to watch you stroke for us and follow our instructions on how to get yourself off. Are you hard yet? Oh. Um. Wow. God, that’s so sad. We’re so shocked, we have a *ton* to say about how pathetically small your dick is. I guess we’ll still help you get off but… yikes. • 5 minutes; $15
  18. Casey x Alison Rey for QueerCrush – Alison Rey shows me her new sex toy–a vibrator that straps to her thigh. I ride her leg, she rides mine, then she asks if she can eat me out and like… who’s going to say no to that? This video has crazy casual sexy slumber party vibes, we’re just two girls playing with a fun toy and giggling about it. • 26 minutes; $35
  19. My First Taste of Sophia Burns –  My first time working with Sophia Burns! I’ve seen her around but never had a chance to introduce myself to her pussy. We take turns going down on each other and cumming all over each other’s faces! Sophia has *magical* fingers and a tongue to match. • 12 minutes; $15
  20. I Love You and I Love Sucking Your Dick – (POV) You’re my wonderful boyfriend… but not when our place needs cleaning! You keep looking at my tits through my shirt and won’t lift a finger to help me put our living room back in order! So I’m going to take care of your wonderful, hard, distracting cock with a looooong blowjob. Good thing I love sucking your dick and good thing I love you. Cum all over my hair and face, babe? • 20 minutes; $25
  21. A Good Assistant with Alice White – I am the CEO of CalvEX Inc and Alice White is my devoted assistant. After a particularly stressful morning at work, I talk Alice into rubbing my feet… then my shoulders… then my chest… She’s worried about getting in trouble with HR at first, but let’s just say she gets *very* into it very quickly. Lots of fingering and pussy-eating help us both relax! • 26 minutes; $30
  22. Misdiagnosis Anal with Codey Steele – My brother-in-law, Codey Steele, has been diagnosed with a terminal illness! His last wish is to have sex… with me! Even though I feel guilty about cheating on my husband, I give him a long blowjob, let him eat me out, fuck my tight pussy, and when he slides his dick in my asshole… I’m not going to say no! This might be his last chance to have sex!! Besides, it feels too good to stop. • 14 minutes; $20
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  28. Alice White x Casey GG Anal – Alice White and I take our time pleasing each other in this slow, sensual video. If you love watching girls with cute buttplugs in remove each other’s stockings and use glass dildos on their tight assholes, this dreamy scene will be perfect for you • 22 minutes; $28
  29. Back for More Ema Lee GG Anal – I can’t get enough of Ema! She’s adorable, sucks my strap-on like a perfect little slut, and loves taking my strap in her tight asshole! Lots of ass to mouth, ass-fucking, and drool *everywhere* • 10 minutes; $18
  30. Casey x Cherie DeVille BGG – Cherie DeVille and I are lesbian wives and you (POV), our neighbor, come into our house just as we’re about to fuck. As we talk, Cherie notices that you’re hard and wants to fuck you, but… I’m not so sure. She quickly convinces me to join in and soon we’re both getting your cock! By the end, we’re begging for you to breed me. • 15 minutes; $25
  31. Vanna Bardot x Cody Steele x Casey BGG – Vanna Bardot and I get ourselves all hot and bothered with heavy kissing and petting, then Codey Steele joins in! We fuck in as many positions as we can think of with tons of pussy eating, dick sucking and–of course–orgasms! • 46 minutes; $45
  32. Casey x Jon Jon Anal – Jon Jon catches me masturbating by the pool and offers up his huge cock to satisfy my needs. He fucks all my holes until we’re both sweaty messes! • 26 minutes; $35
  33. Casey x Abigail Mac BGG – Abigail Mac wants to watch me get fucked and I am more than happy to oblige! We suck Zac’s cock together and when he’s nice and wet, he stretches my tight pussy with his big cock while I lick Abi’s sweet hole. Then Abi and I switch places again and again, going from eating to fucking to sucking to eating. This vid finishes with Zac fucking both of us POV in doggy, our asses lined up next to each other for him to use. He cums all over our faces and we slurp it up. • 34 minutes; $35
  34. Casey and Michael Vegas BG – I went over to Michael Vegas’ house so we could hang… and in our world, that means fuck. If you’re a fan of really hot, passionate sex, you’ll enjoy watching us lick, suck, and fuck each other until we’re both blissed out by orgasms. • 20 minutes; $30
  35. Bed Sex with TenAgainst BG – A rough, classic afternoon fuck with TenAgainst at our cabin in Denver. He eats my pussy, then fucks me with my legs basically behind my head, folding me in half to get his cock extra deep! He makes me cum a couple times then creampies me. • 7 minutes; $15
  36. Casey x TenAgainst x Vanessa Vega BGG – TenAgainst and Vanessa Vega stopped by for a sexy, sensual threesome! Everyone is doing down on everyone else, lots of ass-eating, pussy-eating, and dick-sucking! Ten fucks both of us doggystyle, then I snowball his huge load back into his mouth to finish us off!! • 22 minutes; $30
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  39. Miami Hotness with Abigail Mac and Zac BGG – I get treated to the “Abigail Mac and Zac Experience” while at XBIZ Miami! Abi and Zac are all about making sure I feel good, so I make them feel good too! Passionate kissing, dick sucking, pussy eating, and, of course, Zac fucks both of our pussies until we cum all over his cock. • 27 minutes; $30


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