Fansly Pee Menu

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6 Minutes of Pee (Pee 1)Nothing but a compilation of me peeing on the ground and in the toilet • 6 min, $15

8 Minutes of Pee (Pee 2) – Nothing but a compilation of me peeing on the ground, in the toilet, and outside • 8 min, $20

Disneyland Pee (Pee 3) – Solo pee vid at Disneyland. 1 minute, $5 

Photoshoot Pee Desperation (Pee 5) – I can’t hold my pee at a photoshoot. • 22 minutes; $20

Mall Public Pee (Pee 6) – I can’t hold it anymore and pee my jeans in public at the mall. • 11 minutes; $15

Pee Montage (Pee 7) – Montage of me peeing inside, outside, in toilets, on the floor. • 3 minutes; $12

Pee with Felicity Feline (Pee 8) – Outdoor/Indoor peeing with Felicity Feline. • 2 minutes; $10

I Pee Directly on the Camera (Pee 14) – and you love it. • 1 minute; $5

Yellow Pee Through Blue Panties (Pee 18) – Solo peeing. • 1 minute; $6

Airport Pee (Pee 27) Peeing in the toilet at the airport. 30 sec; $5

On Set Pee (Pee 28) Peeing in the toilet on set. • 30 sec; $5

Shower Pee (Pee 29) Taking a nice long piss in the shower (water is off). • 30 sec minute; $5

Masturbating and Peeing (Pee 32) I play with my wet pussy and then make it really really wet by pissing everywhere. • 8 minutes; $12

Outside Anal and Pee (Pee 34) In my backyard, nude, I play with my holes for you, and piss on the ground. • 8 minutes; $12

Pee, Anal, Feet (Pee 35) I’m feeling super horny, so we’re gonna have some fun. I piss for you, fuck my ass with my fingers, and tease you with my feet.  • 8 minutes; $15

Road Trip Pee (Pee 40) – On a road trip to the desert, I gotta pee. We pull over and I do exactly that. Don’t mind the truck driving by. • 1 minutes; $8

Outside Pee (Pee 43) Just a quick standing pee in my backyard. • 1 minute; $5

Parking Lot Pee (Pee 45) Sometimes a girl has to piss in the parking lot in DTLA in the middle of the night. • 1 minute; $5

Rock Pee (Pee 46) In the mountains, I piss off a rock naked. • 1 minute; $5

Bondage Pee (Pee 47) Balanced on the edge of the deck, gag in, I piss over the edge. This vid is hot and beautiful. • 1 minute; $6

Piss on Camera (Pee 48) The accompanying video for “bondage pee”, I piss all over the camera underneath me. • 1 minutes; $6

Pee and Anal Popsicle (Pee 50) I piss all over this bench then fuck my ass with my popsicle toy. • 9 minutes; $15

Piss Anal Squirting Solo (Pee 56) – Exactly what it sounds – a huge piss with anal gaping and squirting, plus some fun feet play as well!  • 10  minutes; $20

Driveway Pee (Pee 59) – I’ve been stuck in traffic forever and just got home. There is *no* way I’m going to make it to the bathroom. Guess I’ll have to pee in the driveway! • 3 minutes; $8

Desert Pees (Pee 60) – Two separate pees outside in the desert. Gorgeous scenery… but that’s not what you’re here for! • 1.5 minutes; $5

Backyard Pee (Pee 61) – A nice, long, totally naked pee in my backyard. • 1 minute; $5

Restaurant Pee (Pee 63) – In a restaurant bathroom, I tease you with my body, play with my breasts, and have a very satisfying pee! • 1 minute; $6

only available on LoyalFans and Fansly — DM me to purchase