Extreme Dirty Talk Menu

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    1. Casey x Mike Adriano – Mike loves dirty talk as much as I do, so we hooked up at his place to have some fun! Shitting out bananas, atm, Mike’s huge cock stretching out the hole I shit from, anal creampie farts, and some of the nastiest talk you’ve ever heard from me! • 31 minutes; $45
    2. Big Toy Dirty Talk Solo – I abuse my dirty shithole with big toys and a giant butt plug while talking about shitting them out for you. • 10 minutes; $20
    3. Dirty Talk Anal Solo with Gaping, ATM – Talking about and fucking open my shithole. • 6 minutes; $15
    4. Shithole Tease – Showing off my shithole for you, lots of extreme dirty talk. • 5 minutes; $12
    5. Shithole Closeup #1 – A closeup of my dirty shithole with lots of extreme dirty talk.  • 5 minutes; $12
    6. Farting and extreme dirty talk – “Can you smell what’s coming next?” I ask as I fart for you. “That’s right, my poop.” • 3 minutes; $10
    7. Shithole Closeup #2A closeup of my dirty shithole while I tell you all about how I love getting fucked by Mike Adriano and the nasty things I do with him. • 4 minutes; $12
    8. Shithole Closeup #3A closeup of my dirty shithole while I tell you all about how I love getting the hole I poop from fucked open. • 5 minutes; $12
    9. All My Dirty HolesI pee for you, then show off my shithole and my peehole with extreme dirty talk. • 2 minutes; $10
    10. Dirty Talk Anal Fingers and Pee Showing off my shithole & fucking it open with my fingers while I tell you how dirty that hole I shit from really is. Plus, a nice long pee for you, cause all my holes are nasty for you to jerk your cock to. 8 minutes; $15
    11. Shithole Closeup #4I want you to get intimately acquainted with my dirty shithole. I want you to be my toilet slave and taste everything about this hole. • 5 minutes; $12
    12. Dirty Talk Anal Toy with Gaping, Pee Showing off my shithole & fucking it open with a metal toy while I tell you how dirty that hole I shit from really is. Plus, I pee twice for you, cause all my holes are nasty for you! • 9 minutes; $20
    13. Shithole Closeup #5 With the camera close on my asshole, I tell you all about how I love to take big shits, how much that turns me on and how badly I want you to smell my dirty shithole. • 4 minutes; $12
    14. Extreme Dirty Talk Anal Solo – I tease you with my shithole, then fuck it open while I beg for you to fill up my dirty poophole with your cock. • 10 minutes; $18
    15. Butthole Smell Tease I bet you’d love to know how stinky my tight, round booty hole truly is? You’ve been asking and asking…I’m only here to make you beg and drool while I spread my cheeks and show you this perfect brown butt hole. 5 minutes; $10
    16. Pee, anal, extreme dirty talk I piss for you, I fuck my ass open, and I talk all about my filthy, dirty shithole.  • 11 minutes; $20
    17. Poop Failure – I try my hardest to poop and I can’t. I push, strain, and wink my asshole, trying to shit. I use a dildo and try to fuck my shit out, but I’m a failure. • 7 minutes; $18
    18. Glass dildo shithole talk – fucking my hole and gaping with my favorite glass dildo. This is the dirty hole you love, winking just like I took a shit. • 5 minutes; $14
    19. Shithole JOI – Teasing you with my spread open shitter super close to the camera, I tell you how I want you to jerk off while you think about the hole I shit from  • 5 minutes; $12
    20. Toilet Slave Femdom EDT – Good, you’re already on the ground for me. You like the way my ass looks in these tight jeans, don’t you? You’re waiting for me to take them off, aren’t you? But I won’t, not until I’m done teasing you. When I’m ready, you’re going to put your face right against my stinky turdcutter and slide your tongue in there and taste my filthy shithole. Lick me deep while I tell you what a good toilet slave does for his Mistress. • 5 min; $12
    21. Forgot to Clean My Shithole EDT – I’m so excited to fuck my dirty shithole open for you today and show you where my shit comes from. Oops, I was so horny I forgot to clean out my ass! I can’t show you the shitty mess I’m making of my dirty hole, but I’m gonna tell you allll about how covered in brown filth this dildo is! • 14 min; $18 
    22. Cleaning My Filthy Hole EDT – Daddy, I just love pooping. I’m going to tell you allll about how I love it while I wipe, finger, and wink my filthy hole at you. • 2 min; $10 
    23. Fuck My Shithole GFE EDT – You’re wondering why I’m sitting on our bed, naked, aren’t you? I was waiting for you. Here’s what I want you to do with me: I want you to suck every one of my toes, lick the soles of my feet until I’m melting for you, then kiss your way up my legs to my dirty hole. I want you to tonguefuck my shithole until I’m moaning and begging for you to slide your cock into my filthy hole… I have so many nasty plans for us today. • 10 min; $15 
    24. Femdom EDT – So let’s talk about your sex life. When was the last time you had sex? It’s been a long time, right? It’s because no other woman could ever live up to me. I know your secret. I know that you’re addicted to me, that you are addicted to porn and that pathetic dick of yours probably couldn’t even get hard for a real woman. You like watching dirty, filthy, fucking hardcore porn. I know what else you’re thinking. You’re thinking, Casey, I would love to stick my cock in your ass. But you know what? I want you to take a close look at that dirty fucking nasty shit hole. And realize you’ll NEVER even get near it. • 10 min; $15 

only available on LoyalFans and Fansly — DM me to purchase or go to my LoyalFans store!