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  1. Buttplug Close Up – A close up shot of my ass and asshole, squeezing a buttplug in and out. • 3 minutes; $8
  2. Solo Anal Fisting – Just me, sticking my fist in my ass. • 2 minutes; $10
  3. Spain Pink Toy AnalFucking my ass with my pink toy in a hotel room in Spain • 6 minutes; $12
  4. Big Toy Solo 1 – I fuck my ass with big toys, the glass pillar, and fist myself. • 10 minutes; $18
  5. Big Toy Solo 2 – I ride my massive black anal pyramid, push out my anal balls, stretching my asshole as wide as I can until I cum. • 11 minutes; $18
  6. Enema Solo – 12 minutes of play with a shower shot enema, lots of filling up and expulsions in close up. • 12 minutes; $18
  7. Oiled Anal Fisting – I coat myself with oil and fist fuck my own ass. • 4 minutes; $12
  8. Anal Solo for Daddy – Daddy catches me out with a boy and punishes me by watching me fuck my own ass. Gaping, ass to mouth and squirting. • 15 minutes; $22
  9. Big Toy Solo 3 – I stretch my asshole with toys before fucking my ass with my entire fist. • 10 minutes; $18
  10. Halloween Double Anal – Slutty witch Casey comes home from trick or treating and needs a different kind of treat, the kind that comes with two big dildos in her ass (pro shot). • 14 minutes; $20
  11. Anal Solo with Enema – I fuck my ass with a butt plug & dildo before taking and expelling several clean enemas. • 10 minutes; $18
  12. Big Toy Solo with Squirting – I fuck my ass with lots of toys and have a lot of huge, squirting orgasms. • 19 minutes; $25
  13. DP Solo with Creampie – Wearing fishnets, I fuck open both my holes, gape them, and then get big creampies. • 19 minutes; $25
  14. Piledriver Anal Solo with Gaping, ATM – Fucking open and gaping my ass in piledriver for you. • 4 minutes; $12
  15. Foot Fetish Anal Solo with Gaping, ATM, Creampie – I stretch my asshole with a lot of different big toys and gape it open and taste it, while you can see my feet. It ends with me farting out an anal creampie. • 29 minutes; $40
  16. Beer Bottle Fuck I drink WAY more Guinness than I intended and fuck all my holes with the bottle – happy St. Patrick’s Day! • 9 minutes; $14
  17. Shower Riding Anal – Riding my pink toy with it deep in my ass, all nice and wet in the shower. 1 minutes; $7
  18. Big Pink Buttplug – Doing my best to get my BIG pink buttplug all the way inside my slutty ass. • 4 minutes; $10
  19. Metal Toy Anal – I tease my ass for you and then fuck it open with my metal toy. • 5 minutes; $12
  20. Anal Fisting Quickie – My slutty hole is already really open for you, let me see just how many fingers I can put in there. • 2 minutes; $10
  21. Schoolgirl Fisting – I strip out of my schoolgirl outfit and shove my fist up my ass. • 4 minutes; $12
  22. Leroy Solo – The first time filling up my ass with Leroy from NYTC (he’s a BIG boy). • 4 minutes; $12
  23. Plugs and Gapes – In piledriver, I plug my ass with a big black buttplug and gape for you. • 4 minutes; $12
  24. Double Anal – I get right to it, filling up my ass with two big NYTC dicks at the same time in multiple positions.  • 10 minutes; $20
  25. Spin the Bottle Big Toys Anal – I let fate decide what big toys I’m gonna fill my ass with. I won’t spoil the surprise, but trust me, there’s plenty of big toys and big gapes ;).  • 15 minutes; $25
  26. Bondage Bunny Anal – I just got home from a kinky party, but I’m still feeling horny… Good thing I have all these big toys to fill my ass up with! A bunny butt plug, my whole hand, a huge metal toy, and a big long slink all disappear inside my ass. Lots of gaping, lots of ass to mouth! • 16 minutes; $25
  27. Panty Stuffing Anal – I choose a pair of panties from my panty drawer for you. I tease you with them. Then I stuff them all the way inside both of my holes! They smell so amazing when I’m done. • 9 minutes; $16
  28. Bad Dragon Anal – I fuck my ass with my big bad dragon dildo until I cum. 3 minutes; $12
  29. Short Farts – I fart for you through my shorts, then my panties, then show you my hole while I fart one more time. • 1 minutes; $7
  30. Gape and Anal Panty Stuff – I make my ass gape with a nice big dildo and then stuff my panties inside that open slutty hole. • 7 minutes; $14
  31. Gas Mask Anal Fisting – I put on my gas mask to control my breathing and fist my slutty asshole. 5 minutes; $12
  32. Pornoversary Anal Solo – It’s my 8 year pornoversary, and I wanted to say thank you for supporting me all these years. Celebrate with me while I fuck my ass with 8 huge toys. 25 minutes; $40
  33. Aerobics Anal Quickie – I tease you in my sexy 80s aerobics outfit, then hear a hole in my pantyhose so I can fuck my ass. I use my pink popsicle toy, making it gape, and tasting it after. 5 minutes; $14
  34. Bathtub Anal – I start with my big pink buttplug in, playing with it in the bathtub. I fuck my ass open with my dildo, taking a quick break to pee in the tub, before using a speculum to open my ass up even more. Then I make it gape with my giant green toy, make some bath toys disappear, and do double anal with dildos. 20 minutes; $35
  35. Gold Birthday Anal – A bunch of green toys in my ass to celebrate St. Patrick’s day! There’s everything from girth toys for gapes to some slinky depth play! 15 minutes; $25
  36. Latex Pants Anal – I tease you with my ass in my latex leggings, then fuck it open and make it gape with my big metal toy.  5 minutes; $14
  37. Piggy AnalOink oink, I’m your little piggy slut! I can’t be a good piggy without a tail, so I use my pink hairbrush to fill up my ass. It looks so sexy as I crawl around on the floor, while I make my piggy noises. But, I need something bigger filling up my hole, so I grab my big pink dildo and stretch it out for you, gaping it wide. 10 minutes; $18
  38. Valentine’s Day Dog DickThis Valentine’s Day I made a new friend…his name is Princess, he’s gonna fuck my ass. He feels so fucking good taking my hole, I make some excellent gapes, then his knot is SO BIG. I finally fit it inside and it’s SO intense and stretches me out. He leaves me with a dripping, sexy cum-lube creampie. • 11 minutes; $20
  39. Self-Spanking, Pussy Spanking, Anal Solo I know I’ve been a bad girl and you’re not here to take care of me, so I punish myself by spanking myself with a hairbrush and fucking my ass open with my toy. • 8 minutes; $15
  40. Anal, Feet, and Cum – I showed off my sexy feet for your in these clear pleasers with a striptease. Once on the bed in doggy I used my asshole roughly and cum so hard. There’s a special thick surprise once this cock comes out! • 10 minutes; $20
  41. BIG Toys Anal – A group of some of my favorite big anal toys, plus a cucumber for good measure. I ram my hole repeatedly, making bigger and bigger gapes. • 13 minutes; $22
  42. Slinks Yoga– I’m about to stretch way more than my hamstrings for you. I get out ALL my slinks and stretch my gaping hole AND my insides as I push these as deep as I can for you. I gladly clean them with my mouth and taste myself from deep up there. ATM • 15 minutes; $30
  43. Anal Butter Solo – you BETTER believe it’s real BUTTER going right up my gaping hole! I fuck my ass open nice and wide with my favorite glass toy then I force an ENTIRE stick up butter up there…you’ll have to watch to see how fast it gets to room temperature! • 8:30 minutes; $18
  44. Doggy Anal Solo – My huge steel balls get pushed in and shit out OVER and OVER again while I give you the best view in doggy! Plus some bonus fisting! • 6 minutes; $15
  45. Farts Masturbation Solo – I’m playing with my very horny pussy and it feels so good I can’t keep my farts in! But I don’t wanna stop fingering myself! I’m gonna keep farting until I cum!  • 3 minutes; $10
  46. Anal Fisting Pervert – I’m gonna tease you with closeups of my shithole, stuff my panties in my mouth, make myself cum with my fingers, then fist my asshole until I cum again. • 10 minutes; $14
  47. White Sneakers Glass Dildo Anal – I’ve been getting my ass warmed with this buttplug, but when that’s not enough to make me cum, I fuck my ass with a glass dildo so you can see my horny hole even better. • 5 minutes; $12
  48. Squirting and Anal Creampie Solo – I don’t usually take customers home from the strip club but… there’s something about you. I’m going to put on a  show while you stroke your cock–according to my instructions, of course. I’ll finger my pussy, suck a dildo, fuck myself with it until I squirt all over the bed, then finish by cumming again with a hot creampie in my ass. • 12 minutes; $18
  49. Red Sneakers Anal – I fuck my ass with a nice big plug, but my asshole is so hungry, it just swallows it! So I grab a big monster dildo and ride it until I cum, then show off my perfect gape. • 5 minutes; $12
  50. Big Gapes for the Birthday Girl – I got some amazing presents for my birthday and one of them is this freaking HUGE dildo I can’t even fit in my mouth. But… I can probably fit it in my ass. Wanna see how many times I can gape my asshole until I cum? • 8 minutes; $16
  51. Dog Dildo DP – Ohmigosh, thank you for taking me to the dog park, Daddy!! All of these dogs are waiting for me with their huge hard cocks. I can’t wait to suck them, Daddy! I want to them to stretch out my all of my tight little holes while you watch! Daddy, look at how they made me gape! (Note: This video is dildos only.) • 10 minutes; $20
  52. Latex Fisting – I know these black latex gloves and stockings look really sexy on me, but you know what would be even sexier? My whole hand sliding deep into my ass! Lots of closeups in this video. • 5 minutes; $12
  53. Tongue Toy Depth Play – The infamous tongue toy strikes again! Wanna see how deep I can get it in my ass? It slides right into my greedy hole, but I think I should lick it clean before I go deeper… • 8 minutes; $18
  54. Asshole Taste Toy Suck – I know you like watching me fuck my ass with this dildo. Do you wanna taste this dildo fresh out of my asshole? Too bad. I’m going to suck it clean while you watch and wish you could taste my filthy hole. • 2 minutes; $10
  55. Red Light Green Light Anal JOI – Let’s play a little game: Red Light, Green Light. You touch your cock when I say “green light” and stop when I say “red light.” While we play, I’ll tease you in this fishnet body suit and buttplug. Wait, is that a glass dildo? Mm, that will give me some VERY nice gapes–red light!! • 14 minutes; $18
  56. Double Anal Dildos Again! – My ass is so full with these two dildos, I’m such a fucking buttslut! It feels so good being sooo stretched out, I can’t help but cum!! • 2 min; $10
  57. Buttplug Close Up 2 – A close up of me teasing my greedy asshole with a ridged buttplug, pushing it in and out with my fingers until my butthole eats it up. Mm, yummy… • 3 min; $10
  58. Anal Fisting Covered in Cum – I’ve just finished an intense anal fuckfest and I need to cum again! Wanna watch me fist my gaping asshole while still covered in cum? I know you do, just like I know you’re going to love watching me lick my fingers clean after! • 2 min; $10
  59. Leather Lingerie Tease and Twerk – Thirty minutes of me stretching out my asshole for you, starting with a regular jeweled buttplug working all the way up to my fist with some fun dildos along the way and, of course, my metal balls! Lots of ATM, several orgasms, tons of gapes, and me using my fingers to pull my gaping butthole open as wide as I can! • 34 min; $40
  60. Anal Fisting JOI – I bet you want this hole stretched wide open for you? Well it’s not gonna happen till you start stroking that cock. I want you rock hard and desperate before I even get my thumb in. That’s right, edge right there while you drool at my winking asshole. I’ll tell you when you can come. • 10 min; $15
  61. Black Latex Stockings + Black Glove Anal Fisting – Nothing makes me hornier than my ass EASILY opening for my lubed up gloved fist. Plus, I feel my slick legs pressed together, ENCASED in slippery latex stockings. I use my asshole for repeated assgasms, then show you the gaping mess I’ve become. I don’t know, think I’m ready for more? • 5 min; $10

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