Anal Food Menu

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  1. Whipped Cream Solo – Today I am your nasty little Strawberry Shortcake! I fill my ass with whipped cream, push it out, then fuck even more of it into my greedy hole with a dildo. Once my ass is nice and open, I want to see how many strawberries I can fit up there and how it will feel when I push them out… • 12 minutes; $18
  2. Whipped Cream Solo 2 – I fuck open my asshole with a dildo, winking and gaping it for you, then I fill my ass with whipped cream and fart it out onto a bowl of ice cream again and again! Once the bottle is empty, I put cherries in my messy hole and push them out onto my sundae before taking a big yummy bite to finish! • 11 minutes; $18
  3. Cupcake Anal Solo – It’s my birthday, so I have to do something extra sexy! I fuck my ass into a gape with my new big dildo, then fill my stretched out hole with cupcakes and fuck them deep inside me, cumming super hard before licking the dildo clean. • 10 minutes; $18
  5. Anal Gummy Worms – I fuck my ass open with a metal dildo until I’m nice and gaped, then I fill my gape with gummy worms. It feels amazing having them inside me, but I’m hungry so time to push them out and get them in my *other* hole! • 7 minutes; $15
  6. Anal Candy Explosion – I play with my asshole until it is stretched out, then put a tunnel plug in. Once my hole is spread open, I fill my ass up with skittles, remove the plug, and push the skittles out. They make a mess, but they still taste delicious! Then I shove a huge jawbreaker into my gaping hole and push it out, then do it again and again. I’m not done yet! I still have a can of whipped cream and this giant gummy worm…  17 minutes; $30
  7. Farm Fresh Anal – I just got home from the farmer’s market, and my asshole needs attention! Good thing I have this giant sweet potato plug already stuffed inside. After taking it out, I fill my dirty hole with a giant zucchini, gaping it open. Then I fill that gape up with blueberries, strawberries, a whole lime, and a banana, tasting each one after I push them out. Now that everything is properly seasoned with my ass, I take all my ingredients and blend them into a smoothie. But it’s not done! I get into piledriver, put a tunnel plug in, and pour the smoothie into my gape, squirt it out into a glass, and drink it. Mm, delicious!! • 19 minutes; $30
  8. Anal Breakfast – Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! I stretch my ass open with a big glass toy, show you my gape, then shove a speculum in my waiting hole. Why? How else am I going to get these egg yolks in? I scramble the eggs in my ass using my toy, then squirt them into my mixing bowl. Of course, scrambled eggs aren’t nearly as good without some milk, so into my ass it goes, then into the bowl! Then I head over to the stove, playing with my ass while they cook. Once they are done, I plate them up but they need a garnish so I put a big red strawberry in my ass and push it out onto the plate. Perfection! • 14 minutes; $30
  9. Christmas 2020 Cookies Anal – Merry Christmas, you pervs! This is the very first Casey’s Cookies video! Yes, the one that started it all! I fuck my ass into a greedy gape that gobbles up the cookie dough, then push each ball of dough out onto the baking sheet. There are *three dozen* balls to prepare and… yeah, I get horny. I have to take a break to finger my ass and play with my clit. After I’ve cum and the cookies are baked, I eat one and, of course, it’s great! • 26 minutes; $35
  10. Strawberries and Bananas Anal – I start this video with a banana deep inside my ass. With the camera nice and close to my winking asshole, I push it out for you while I pee all over the floor. But it’s not enough! I shove the pieces of banana back into me and fuck them deep with a big glass dildo. Another banana into my gaping hole, then some strawberries! I push them out and eat them. Tasting them covered in my ass juices makes me horny, so I gotta fuck my ass with that big dildo and cum all over it before getting into piledriver and peeing on myself. (I’m already being a nasty slut, might as well pee on myself) • 13 minutes; $25
  11. Happy Birthday to You Anal Solo – Happy birthday, babe! I have a gift for you: my super messy asshole! I fill it up with whipped cream and fart it out for you, then I fuck it open with my big glass dildo, making my creamy hole gape. Then I go back and forth between adding more whipped cream and fucking my stretched out hole with the dildo, until it’s time to smash your birthday cake. I sit on it, bouncing my ass up and down, then put the smashed pieces inside my hole, which I push out and eat up! Lots of ATM and gaping. • 10 minutes; $20
  12. 4th of July Hot Dogs – I have some friends coming over for the 4th of July, and I need to prep hotdogs before they arrive! Step one: stretch my ass out with my huge metal dildo. Step two: slide each hotdog in my ass and push it out. Step three: fuck my ass with two hotdogs at the same time! But once the hotdogs are all grilled up, I realize didn’t get drinks!! That’s okay, I’ll make my own refreshing “lemonade.” Nothing is as patriotic as drinking lemonade and eating hotdogs on July 4th! • 14 minutes; $30
  13. Apple Picking AnalI challenge myself to put an apple in my ass! First, I warm my asshole up with my fist (and an orgasm), then my giant green dildo to get me as gaped as possible. Then I slowly, carefully, and with some struggle an apple in my ass. Twice!! This is the BIGGEST stretch I’ve ever felt, my legs felt like jello afterwards! • 13 minutes; $30
  14. Birthday Cookies Quickie – For my birthday this year, I wanted to make cookies. You know what that means: into my asshole they go! I shove these dough balls deep inside me, push them out, and bake them to perfection! 6 minutes; $15
  15. Goth Girl Anal Eggs – In full goth makeup, I tease my cum-filled, plugged asshole until I can’t take it anymore! Out comes the plug (and cum!!), in goes my massive dildo! I fuck my greedy hole open, gaping for the camera, then fill it with jello eggs and more cum! How many times can I push them out and put them back in, dripping cum everywhere, before I have to take a bite… or three?  9 minutes; $18
  16. Wide Variety of Strange Anal Things – Sometimes I want to put unusual things in my ass. This is one of those times. I get my asshole greased and gaping with my fist, then use a syringe of cum lube to fill up my ass! If I’m going to be shoving a horse cock dildo up there, my hole better be gushing cum when I pull it out!! Then I get my ovipositor because you know I *have* to impregnate my ass with eggs. If you love sticky, drippy, fun videos plus BIG toys and gapes, you will love this vid.  15 minutes; $25
  17. Anal OrangesII fist my ass because putting a full-sized orange up there is no joke. It is freaking HUGE and takes some time to work in there, but once it’s in you know I’ve got to put it in and push it out again and again… and play with my clit. I can’t help it!  6 minutes; $18
  18. Christmas 2021 Cookies – It’s Christmas time again! Which means it’s cookie time again!! I work my huge glass pillar dildo into my asshole to get a good stretch (and even better views — you can see inside me!!) and get myself all warmed up for the cookie dough. Once I’m stretched, I fill my greedy hole with the dough balls, one at first, then two, and then I go for three! Each gets pushed out of my hole onto the baking sheet with a little festive splat. Merry Christmas!! • 11 minutes; $25
  19. Christmas 2022 Cookies – The 2022 edition of my Christmas Cookies!! I remove my deer-tail buttplug and open my ass up with a glass dildo. When I have a good gape, I fill my greedy hole with cookie dough and push each cookie out onto a baking tray, before popping them into the oven. After they’re baked, I have a special icing surprise for you!  • 13 minutes; $30
  20. Apple Picnic – Want to join me for a picnic? It’s just… all I’ve packed are these apples and, honestly, I’m not that hungry. I’m just *horny.* I think I’m going to loosen up my ass with my whole hand, then see how many of these apples I can fit up my gaping hole. I’ll push them out, put them back in, repeat a few more times, and enjoy my afternoon in the sun. • 12 minutes; $25
  21. Birthday Cupcakes – It’s my birthday and I’m making cupcakes! First I’m going to fuck my asshole open with a big metal dildo, showing off my gape as I go! I put the ingredients–eggs, butter, milk!–into my ass, push them out, and make the dough. Of course the dough has to go in my ass too! I fill my hole up with cupcake batter then push it out so I can make my special birthday treat! • 24 minutes; $35
  22. Slutty Bunny Loves Carrots – I’m such a slutty little bunny! I’m going to play with my pussy, fart a little, pee a little, then fill my greedy bunny asshole with baby carrots. I might even nibble on a carrot or two as I fill my asshole with them and push them out again and again–you know bunnies love their carrots! • 10 minutes; $18
  23. Strawberries and Whipped Cream with Ema Lee – Ema Lee comes over for another wet, messy, and VERY sexy time! Dildo sucking, so much drool swapping, ass-eating, and gaping but the real fun begins when the strawberries and whipped cream come out! We fill our assholes with the sweet treats, push them into each other’s mouths, and fuck our creamy holes senseless with the dildo. Lots of delicious whipped cream farts! • 22 minutes; $35
  24. Halloween Candy Corn Anal Whore – This Halloween I’m going to be your little candy corn whore, Casey Calvert-style! You know what that means: candy corn in my butt. But (butt) I can’t just go in raw, I have to work myself up and stretch myself out with a buttplug, my whole hand, and then a massive dildo. Prepare for lots of gapes, plenty of ATM, and my favorite Halloween treat going in all the right places. • 14 min; $25
  25. Christmas 2023 Cookies – The 2023 edition of Casey’s Christmas Cookies! I open up my ass with my huge glass pillar (stopping to finger myself because I gotta, that toy feels too good), then fill my asshole with the balls of cookie dough, pushing them out one by one onto the baking sheet. Once they’re baked, I apply the icing in my special way… and maybe steal a cookie. (Don’t tell Santa!!) • 10.5 min; $25 
  26. Milk in My Cereal, Coffee, and Butt – I wake up horny (as usual), masturbate, and head downstairs to make breakfast. Nothing fancy, I just want coffee and cereal but both require milk! Fortunately, I have two huge syringes full of milk and a butthole ready to be filled. I load my ass up with one syringe, then squat over my coffee and push the milk out…. and, yes, masturbate again because milk in the ass is 10/10 horny levels! Once I cum, I use the second syringe to fill up my ass again, then squirt it out into my cereal for that extra special flavor. Now I’m ready to sit down and enjoy my breakfast! • 9 min; $20 
  27. Milk and Pudding Enema Playtime More wet and messy playtime with my favorite hole? Don’t mind if I do! I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I have recently acquired these AMAZING glass enema syringes (they are so beautiful) and I NEED to try them out with more liquids. I get myself nice and turned on, giving you a great view of my feet the whole time, too. First up, is this HUGE milk enema…I can’t describe how hot it is as it flows back out of my asshole. Next, things are a little thicker with the pudding. Sitting on the enema syringe really helps the thicker fluid fill me. I empty myself again, letting nothing go to waste by putting my feet in my mess and eating it all up off my toes! • 12 min; $25 

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