Anal Food Menu

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  1. Whipped Cream Solo – My best selling vid of the whole year, I’m your little strawberry shortcake and I fill my ass up with berries and cream for you. • 12 minutes; $18
  2. Whipped Cream Solo 2 – I fuck my ass with toys, fill it with whipped cream, fart it out onto ice cream with cherries, then eat the sundae. • 11 minutes; $18
  3. Cupcake Anal Solo  – To celebrate my birthday, I open up my ass and then fill it up with cupcakes!! And of course I’m going to taste them after! • 10 minutes; $18
  4. Anal cupcakes, squirting whipped cream from ass, and a little bit of piss –  Exactly what it sounds like.  13 minutes; $22
  5. Anal gummy worms – I open my ass up with my metal toy to make it gape and then fill it up with gummy worms before pushing them out and tasting them. • 7 minutes; $15
  6. Anal candy explosionI start this vid with a giant pink plug in my ass, stretching me open. I play with the plug a little, making sure my ass is ready for my big tunnel plug. Once the tunnel plug is holding my dirty hole open, I fill it up with skittles, until my ass is overflowing. I take out the plug and push the skittles out. There’s so many of them, and they make a big mess coming out of me! And you know they taste delicious! Then it’s time for something bigger. I fill my slutty hole with a giant jawbreaker and push it out, then do it again and again. Then it’s time for the giant gummy worm. It’s so big sliding into me, and makes me gape like the anal slut that I am. I end this vid with some sexy whipped cream farts, and even more ass to mouth. 17 minutes; $30
  7. Farm Fresh Anal I just got home from the farmer’s market, and my asshole is feeling needy! Good thing I have this giant sweet potato plug already stuffed inside. After taking it out, I fill my dirty open hole with a giant zucchini, gaping it open. Then I fill that gape up with blueberries, strawberries, a whole lime, and a banana, tasting everything after I push it out. Then, I take those fruits and blend them up into a smoothie. I pour that smoothie inside my gape, squirt it out into a glass, and swallow it down! • 19 minutes; $30
  8. Anal breakfastI start by cracking some eggs into a bowl. Then I stretch my ass open with a big glass toy to get it gaping and ready. I slide a speculum in to hold my hole open, then fill it up with the eggs. I fuck myself with the toy again with the eggs inside, scrambling them up, before squirting them into my mixing bowl. Of course, scrambled eggs aren’t nearly as good without a little milk, so into my ass it goes, then into the bowl. Then I head over to the stove, and scramble them up, playing with my ass with my hand while they cook. Once they are done, I plate them up, but it’s missing something, a little garnish. So, I put a nice big red strawberry in my ass and push it out onto the plate. Mmmmm delicious!  • 14 minutes; $30
  9. Christmas 2020 cookies analMerry Christmas you pervs! I’m going to show you the very special way I like to prepare christmas cookies. The very special way is that I put the cookie dough in my ass, then push it out, then bake it into cookies, then eat em up. • 26 minutes; $35
  10. Strawberries and bananas analI start this video with a banana deep inside my ass! With the camera nice and close, I push it out for you. It looks so hot coming out of my asshole! Then I fill that dirty hole up with a giant glass toy, gaping it open so I can bury some delicious strawberries inside. They taste sooo good coated in my ass juice. To wash it down, I pee upside down onto my face, and you can really see my fucked open asshole while I do it! Enjoy the fruits of my labor. • 13 minutes; $25
  11. Happy birthday to you anal soloHappy birthday babe! I have a gift for you! It’s my super messy asshole… I am gonna fill it up and gape it open for you! I start by filling it up with whipped cream, and farting it out for you. Then I fuck it open with my giant glass toy, making my creamy hole gape wide open, doing lots of ass to mouth. I go back and forth between adding more cream and adding more cock, until it’s time for more. I sit on your birthday cake, smashing it with my ass. Then I put pieces of cake inside my dirty hole, which I push out and eat up! There’s tons of food play, ass to mouth, gaping, and dirty talk. • 10 minutes; $20
  12. 4th of July Hot DogsI have some friends coming over for the 4th of July, and I need to prep hot dogs before they arrive. I thought maybe you’d like to watch. These hot dogs aren’t going to cook themselves, after all! While I grill them up, I realize I’m parched and would love a refreshing glass of lemonade. How about I make us a fresh batch? It’s my own special recipe. • 14 minutes; $30
  13. Apple Picking Anal – I warm my asshole up with my fist, then my giant green toy to get me as gaped as possible. Then I fill my ass up with apples, definitely the BIGGEST stretch I’ve ever felt! • 13 minutes; $30
  14. Birthday Cookies Quickie – Celebrated my birthday making some delicious cookies and my talented asshole helped. I shoved these perfect dough balls in and out, then baked them to perfection! 6 minutes; $15
  15. Goth Girl Anal Eggs – I look so hot in my black goth makeup. My ass is already filled up with a plug, warming me up, and then I use my giant green toy to make huge gapes. Then I play with jello eggs in my ass, which taste delicious. 9 minutes; $18
  16. Wide Variety of Strange Anal Things – Big toys for big gapes, jello eggs for delicious ass to mouth, and lots of cum lube 15 minutes; $25
  17. Anal Oranges -– I start by fisting my ass and then I shove an unpeeled orange into my greedy asshole to squeeze out for you. 6 minutes; $18
  18. Christmas 2021 Cookies – I gape my ass open with my favorite glass pillar and then prep Christmas cookies for you to enjoy! I have to push so hard to get them out of my greedy hole. • 11 minutes; $25
  19. Christmas 2022 Cookies – The 2022 edition of my Christmas Cookies!! I remove my deertail buttplugand open my ass up with a glass dildo. When I have a good gape, I fill my greedy hole with cookie dough and push each cookie out onto a baking tray, before popping them into the oven. After they’re baked, I have a special icing surprise for you!  • 13 minutes; $30
  20. Apple Picnic – Want to join me for a picnic? It’s just… all I’ve packed are these apples and, honestly, I’m not that hungry. I’m just *horny.* I think I’m going to loosen up my ass with my whole hand, then see how many of these apples I can fit up my gaping hole. I’ll push them out, put them back in, repeat a few more times, and enjoy my afternoon in the sun. • 12 minutes; $25
  21. Birthday Cupcakes – It’s my birthday and I’m making cupcakes! First I’m going to fuck my asshole open with a big metal dildo, showing off my gape as I go! I put the ingredients–eggs, butter, milk!–into my ass, push them out, and make the dough. Of course the dough has to go in my ass too! I fill my hole up with cupcake batter then push it out so I can make my special birthday treat! • 24 minutes; $35
  22. Slutty Bunny Loves Carrots – I’m such a slutty little bunny! I’m going to play with my pussy, fart a little, pee a little, then fill my greedy bunny asshole with baby carrots. I might even nibble on a carrot or two as I fill my asshole with them and push them out again and again–you know bunnies love their carrots! • 10 minutes; $18
  23. Strawberries and Whipped Cream with Ema Lee – Ema Lee comes over for another wet, messy, and VERY sexy time! Dildo sucking, so much drool swapping, ass-eating, and gaping but the real fun begins when the strawberries and whipped cream come out! We fill our assholes with the sweet treats, push them into each other’s mouths, and fuck our creamy holes senseless with the dildo. Lots of delicious whipped cream farts! • 22 minutes; $35
  24. Halloween Candy Corn Anal Whore – This Halloween I’m going to be your little candy corn whore, Casey Calvert-style! You know what that means: candy corn in my butt. But (butt) I can’t just go in raw, I have to work myself up and stretch myself out with a buttplug and then a massive dildo. Prepare for lots of gapes, plenty of ATM, and my favorite Halloween treat going in all the right places. • 14 min; $25

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