I offer completely customizable, personalized videos to meet your every desire. Whether you have a general idea of what you want, or a very specific fetish, I can make a video for you. And don’t be shy. Nothing is too kinky or weird for me.

I can also sell you the clothing I wore in your video. Interested in owning the bra, panties, stockings, or anything else? All you have to do is ask!



How much does it cost?

Price varies depending on many factors, including how complicated your storyline is, what you want to see, and if I need to hire additional talent. Solo videos start at $150, bj videos at $500, g/g videos at $1500, and b/g videos at $1000.

How do I pay?

I accept payment through multiple methods. I will discuss these with you via email as we negotiate your video. This is why I ask you for your country of residence on the contact form.

How long until I get my video?

Standard delivery is 8-10 weeks from when I receive payment. Rush delivery is a maximum wait time of 4 weeks, and increases the price based on how difficult it is for me to rush it. If you are interested in rush delivery, check the box on the contact form.

How will I get my video?

I will email you a link to a password protected Vimeo page where you can download the video. Only you will receive the password. I also can snail mail you a DVD of your video if you prefer.

Can I get my video in 1080p?

Yes, of course!

What won’t you do?

There are limits to what I will shoot. I won’t shoot scat/implied scat, bestiality, fantasy Lolita content, roman showers, smoking fetish, or anything illegal.

Can I get a photoset instead?

Sure, you can get a photoset instead. Photosets start at $100.



Here are some testimonials from just a few of my very happy customers!

Aeolus – I’m actually a little disappointed… that nothing I watch now will live up to that.

Ed – Casey delivered exactly what I requested. If I were a movie reviewer this would be two thumbs up.

Mike – Best custom video ever!!! It was professionally shot & edited, the video quality was excellent as well!! It wasn’t made in 5 minutes on a web cam in front of a laptop. She was super sexy & had no problem using the toys & props I picked out. She did exactly what I asked her to do (she actually said what I wrote, verbatim). She was super nice, friendly & professional to deal with. And I had the video within a week!! Also the videos weren’t overly expensive they started at $100. I will definitely be getting another one ASAP, Great deal!!

Kevin – I recently ordered a custom video from Casey and the video itself as well as the process beforehand was FANTASTIC. Casey was very quick to respond to my initial request and had no problem answering any subsequent questions I had. She was very professional and easy to work with. In regards to the video itself, I was pleased with how closely she met my requests. Also, the quality/ production values of the video were OUTSTANDING. I plan on getting another video from her ASAP. I highly recommend Casey to anyone interested in getting a custom video made.

Jack – Thank you so much, the video is AMAZING and exactly what I wanted!  I can’t believe how quickly it was done!  You are by far the best performer in the industry, I can’t wait to see all that you do and I’ll definitely be a repeat customer!

Bill – Not only is Casey the sexiest in the business, she also has to be the most professional in the business! Casey was an absolute pleasure to work with from beginning to end. She was quick to respond to inquiries and questions (and an absolute joy all the while). If you are looking for someone to take your request and give it her all, Casey has to be your choice. Casey not only met my expectations with the video, she went above and beyond! Video quality was superb and you can tell she really wanted to make your fantasy a reality. I will be a repeat customer, without a doubt! Thank you, Casey!!!

Nick – DEAR GOD! That was incredible…I know thank you sounds cliche, but damn that was perfect…exactly what I was looking for…you’re the best!

Alan – I have a literary bent and have long wanted an erotic video of Molly Bloom’s soliloquy from James Joyce’s Ulysses. Casey was wonderful to work with; only a couple of emails were needed to cover the broad outline of the shoot. It was Casey’s perfectly realized interpretation of the text that made it magic. The lighting, scene transition and the production quality were exceptional. Three video formats are provided and I have already put the mobile device version on my Android phone. I’m certainly interested in seeing her do Fitzgerald’s Daisy Buchanan (maybe with James Deen as Gatsby) or Flaubert’s Emma Bovary.

Thomas – Getting a custom video from Ms.Calvert was great.  She was extremely prompt in replying to my emails, and the price quotes were very reasonable.  The video itself was ready in the time promised, and it was fantastic.  She clearly went to some trouble to get it right, and even added a few things I hadn’t thought of.  I had originally intended for this to be a one-time gift to myself, but after seeing the video I am seriously tempted to ask for another.one.  If you are thinking about it and are interested, I would recommend emailing her.  You won’t regret it.

Tony – One of the best purchases I have ever made. Casey replied to all my emails quickly, with a great attitude and was happy to negotiate a fair price for a fantastic video. She had no problem incorporating everything I asked for and the finished product was even better than I was hoping for. I was pleased to find throughout the process that Casey has such a wonderful personality to match her stunning looks. I will definitely be purchasing another custom and would highly recommend that everyone else do the same. I consider myself lucky that she is even willing to do these customs for people in the first place, much less be so incredible at them.


I love making custom videos for my fans. I get off knowing that you are going to get off to me!


Now let’s get started!

Make sure you include your name in the subject line. In the message, please type what you would like to see in your custom video. I will get back to you ASAP with a price quote.











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